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June 2nd: Don't Judge a Movie By Its Trailer!

Hi Sleuthers,

2 weeks until Sleuth Day!

I'm always amused when people freak out about stuff related to Nancy Drew:) I also think younger people tend to be a little more dramatic, since things to them seem to be "the world" and anything wrong is "the end of the world"--due to lack of perspective that comes with maturity and aging.

Not that I need to defend this movie--or my involvement with it--as I think it speaks nicely for itself, but here's a few thoughts. As with any collector/reader genre, there's always the naysayers (or shall we call them the Tophams?), the everythings, and the well it depends folks. I have been amused at some of the e-mails about the movie and the trailer I've received recently now that the movie is about to be released. Yes, the trailer focuses on Nancy vs. the LA mean girls. But, yes, the trailer also focuses on the movie as a mystery--you know, that little something that always intrigued Nancy in the books...

The movie is not a parody of Nancy Drew. Don't confuse humor with parody--they're not necessarily the same, and certainly not in this case. And to the same, don't confuse humor with comedy. A movie can have some humor without being a total comedy.

In the movie, Nancy is Nancy, classic like in the classics. She's nice, polite, knowledgeable, good at what she does, and likes to help others--and solve mysteries. She's not about trying to impress others or change for others, she's just herself and does what she loves to do--sleuth!

The movie is a mystery, set in LA, with a subplot of Nancy being this small town girl/"fish out of water" who is different from the LA teens she deals with, but in the end she wins them over. She's serious minded like in the books, intent on solving the mystery. There is some comic relief in her sidekick, Corky and then Corky and Ned's banter. In the end, naturally, she solves the mystery and heads back to River Heights.

Most of the trailer's scenes at the school take place near the beginning of the movie. The rest of the movie is Nancy's sleuthing to get to the bottom of the mystery of what happened to actress Dehlia Draycott.

Sure she's 16 in the movie and she was 18 for a long time in the books. True Nancy Drew fans know that she was 16 from 1930 until the late 1950s when she was aged to 18 due to driving laws in states. Since when is being 16 a whole lot different from 18? Believe me, I'm 33, whether you're 16 or 18, you're a kid plain and simple. Being 18 doesn't make you magically adult and sophisticated:)

Honestly, I haven't been given a valid complaint by anyone who has just seen the trailer, and my challenge/answer is to see the movie, you'll find yourself liking it more than you think! You can't really have an informed opinion on the movie, if you haven't seen it. And that's a fact!

Most people I know are very excited about the movie and Nancy being on the big screen after nearly 70 years! Those who have seen it that I've talked with, love it. They find it cute, endearing and so reminiscent of the classic Nancy Drew books in the spooky setting and house, the sleuthing, and Nancy's determination to get to the bottom of the case.

The greatest thing about this movie, is that they kept her classic. They didn't modernize her in a way as to change her character or personality. That would have been a disaster. Kudos to Jerry Weintraub and Andrew Fleming for a job well done--as well as cast and crew!

For fun, here are my 10 favorite Nancy Drew movie things:

1. Jeffrey Kurland's costumes

2. Hannah Gruen's lemon bars to calm cranky crooks

3. Blue convertible (not a hybrid!)

4. Opener with vintage books (some are mine) and line drawing images

5. Spooky old house with all the mystery trappings

6. Nancy Drew's old-fashioned birthday party

7. Nancy's Sleuth Kit

8. Nancy's magnifying glass pin with her initials

9. Corky's line: "I think the ability to sleuth is an attractive quality in a woman."
10. Leshing--the creepy caretaker



Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the movie with my daughter. I "felt" the old Nancy in the trailer! And if the trailer is any indic, I agree that the crew did a great job modernizing while keeping the classic Nancy intact, and I think the preservation of the Old Nancy is important so that moms and daughters everywhere will be able to get something out of the movie (esp mom..ha!) And frankly, I'm glad she's 16 in the movie. :) We know the young girls won't be paying for the movie tickets...

10:49 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

I just saw the movie yesterday, a sneak peek from KABC. I loved it, what I found refreshing is that Nancy is Nancy no matter, she's not insecure, about not fitting in. The teens and tweens at the preview also loved it, I hope it makes a ton of money. Girls need a role model today, and Nancy is a great one, cheers. P.S, I waited until the credits to see your name. See you at the convention on Friday.


12:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

i think the no woman are amazing

7:08 PM  
Anonymous said...

I saw the movie this morning, and I thought it was wonderful! At first when I heard Ema Roberts was playing Nancy Drew, I was an little dissapointed, because in my mind, she doesn't look like Nancy to me. But now that I've seen the movie, I think she portrayed Nancy extreamly well. It mis now my favorite movie! I think you did a great job in guiding the way Nancy is. I was glad that you were there to make sure it didn't turn Nancy into someone she wasn't. I give the movie a thousand stars!!!

7:16 PM  
Anonymous said...

I loved this movie! Any idea if they will be selling the sleuth kit anywhere? I MUST have one - too cute (and useful too)! I thought the movie stayed true to Nancy Drew with a modern twist. I loved that she was great at everything she did, was nice to everybody, and was self-assured. I can't wait for the DVD!


7:00 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn! Um...well...this is my first time here. I loved Nancy about the same time I loved Harry Potter, about when I was 10? Yeah, I know, maybe I'm not a long time fan, only four years? But I seriously LOVE Nancy. I have five games by Herinterective, and 'bout three Nancy Drew books. This is not to say that I've read little, but I just get what I need from the library, and I sometimes need to borrow my mom's card to borrow, I can't stop READING! Then, this film came out. I of course, being that ardent Nancy Drew fan, HAD to go and watch during the debut, today! I watched it with my mom. She was so spooked, but I was like, Get 'em Nance! Actually, I didn't expect the movie to be a lot of laughs, from Corky, Ned (you have a type?), the priest (Dear Lord, please bless Nancy Drew on her journey while she solves mysteries that the local police department can't. *gets a look from Cheif McGuinnis). I liked the show, but when would they have a show with more action back in River Heights? I missed seeing Bess and George, and the all-new (well, maybe not so) Nancy's my best man Cheif McGuinis. He was good to her in the first books, yeah? But I liked the action in LA! I liked how she tried to fit in with the girls, only to look weird. Then Nance just becomes herself-sleuthing and all. And the girls accept her! I think the movie has an important message, to be yourself! I like how creepy Lenslow (dunno what's his name) is. Poor guy, must be hard on him when his love died. Well, see ya soon!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous said...

I love Nancy Drew!!!!!!!! I saw the movie with some friends. We are all Nancy Drew lovers, and we were so happy to see the movie. My mom can't wait until it comes out on DVD. My friends and I started a Nancy Drew club at our school near the end.For the last few weeks we were very popular with the girls.

any one thinking of being Nancy Drew this Halloween?

7:35 PM  
Shell in the City said...

I've been a huge Nancy Drew fan since I was a kid. I even collect the old books & just read a few this summer. I havnen't seen the movie yet - I was scared that it wouldn't be done right. Based on the comments of everyone, I believe I will go see it! With your help, I am sure the movie was done right!

9:49 PM  
Corey said...

You're so right! On the herinteractive Nancy Drew games boards people were judging the movie by its trailer and the trailer didn't do much justice to the movie. I loved the movie! :)

7:08 PM  
Jenn said...

Glad you all liked it:) While they didn't listen to everything I suggested, I do think they captured the spirit and endearing qualities of the classic Nancy Drew character!

They might make a Sleuth kit if there is a sequel!


2:25 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn!,

I really loved the movie and even though I am younger than Nancy Drew she is swell! Me and my friend are currently trying to read every book of hers and live up to her in every way! (so far I think we're doing a dandy job!)
In the movie Nancy inspired me! Most people are nervous about being old fashioned and doing what they please around others! She gave me strength to wear dresses and always smile during school.
I now consider myself like Nancy Drew and I always want to follow in her footsteps. (P.s. I want to be a real detective when I grow up and I have a sleuth kit but I would really like one like Nancy's! When is the movie coming out?

4:35 AM  

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