Monday, April 16, 2007

Too Cute!!!!

Check out the cover of the DVD package for the 4 1930s Warner Brothers Nancy Drew movies! So cute! If you haven't seen the 1930's movies, they're a hoot. Some say they just aren't Nancy Drew, and they are certainly a comic version of the book sleuth, but they are amusing in their own way! A fun part of Nancy Drew's rich history. The DVD set comes out in June. You can pre-order at various websites including
Learn more about the 1930's movies here:


Lavender Rose said...

Hi, I'm a Nancy Drew fan from the 50's. She was actually the girl who led me to be a booklover! So, I'm right there with you on loving all things ND. I have an old book that I read in colored cover, however. But, it's a treasure to me. "The Mystery of the Cave." I think. :)) They were just never able to really capture my "Nancy Drew" on film, though. She really was so special in the books.
Deb in FL

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