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Click here to read about the biography I'm writing on the first Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene - Mildred Wirt Benson - The Real Nancy Drew. I give Zoom Presentations on Nancy Drew's Mysterious History and Collecting Nancy Drew 101 - perfect for groups and libraries!

Nancy Drew. Mystery's
IT Girl...

Smart. Sophisticated. Independent. Fashionable. Fearless. Role model. Nancy Drew is all of these and so much more--a timeless character that has trailblazed through generations of fans and over 8 decades since 1930.

It's no mystery why Supreme Court Justices, lawyers, detectives, librarians and teachers, authors--you name it--have been inspired and motivated by Nancy Drew.

No matter the baffling mystery, the suspenseful cliffhanger or the dastardly peril Nancy faced, she was always determined to solve a mystery and help others. Often racing off on adventures in her snappy roadster, she was always fashionably attired in the latest frocks and delectable heels--pure grace and gumption--an adrenaline thrill for the masses. Today's Greek yogurt and protein shake guzzling yoga pant-wearing memory foam tennis-shoed peeps don't having anything on Nancy Drew!

The Nancy Drew Sleuth Unofficial Website was created for the purpose of bringing together fans, collectors and scholars of Nancy Drew and series books. This website will be useful in rediscovering your favorite characters, stories, themes, issues, and artwork as well as providing information for research and links to other websites and sources for further research. As the premier Nancy Drew site on the web, you will find just about every clue here that you are sleuthing for. For publishers, journalists and publicity agents, this site should provide current information relevant to the latest Nancy Drew news and events. Please e-mail inquiries here.

As a writer and historian of Nancy Drew, I am available for lectures, programs, conventions and interviews. My collection is available for displays, photographing and for articles and books. As time allows, I consult on book identifications and values. I was the Nancy Drew Consultant for Warner Brothers on the 2007 Nancy Drew movie, Nancy Drew. A large portion of my Nancy Drew books were used by Warner Brothers to film the opening sequence for the movie of shelves full of Nancy Drew books. Currently, I am writing a biography of the original Carolyn Keene, Mildred Wirt Benson, and have projects that focus on the mysterious 86+ year history of Nancy Drew and other assorted book projects in the works--interested publishers may inquire. While this site is a great introduction into the world of Nancy Drew, my books will be an in-depth analysis of all things Drew.

Do you own original letters or documents of Nancy Drew ghostwriter Mildred Wirt Benson's? I'd love to get photocopies for research - photo copies can be sent to me at Jennifer Fisher, P.O. Box 128, Higley, AZ 85236-0128. I'm happy to reimburse for your kindness in doing this.

Visit my Collection & Portfolio website section for more clues to my writing, speaking engagements, projects, 15 of my favorite Nancy Drewisms and photos of my extensive Nancy Drew collection. I coordinated the Nancy Drew 75th/Stratemeyer Syndicate 100th Conference, which took place June 16-19, 2005 in New York City. This exceptional event was a fabulous experience for all involved. I am in charge of planning the Nancy Drew Sleuths annual conventions held all around the country and typically give presentations at these events.

As President of the Nancy Drew Sleuths, a fan group, I encourage you to rediscover your passion for all things Drew. Visit the Nancy Drew Sleuths' Website for more information about officially joining, annual conventions, charitable endeavors and much more. Subscribe to the Sleuths' series zine, The Sleuth, which specializes in clues about Nancy Drew and other series books. The Sleuth is published in six times a year--six double issues.

Hop in Nancy's roadster for a trip down memory lane. Visit the Nancy Drew Books section for information about the various Nancy Drew series and editions, foreign editions, and computer games. The Nancy Drew Collectibles section focuses on movie, TV, and book related collectibles as well as current collectible merchandise on the market. A timeline in the Nancy Drew History section walks you through time in an overview of the series. Nancy Drew 101 revisits your favorite characters, River Heights, food and fashion, originals and revisions, and you will find answers to more Nancy Drew mysteries. A Sleuth just isn't a sleuth without her signature tools of the trade. Learn more in the Sleuthing 101 section as you revisit Nancy Drew and the law, mystery cases, travelogues, villains and case trinkets. Collecting Nancy Drew-Formats is a 101 introduction to the various formats--what you have, how to rate it and date it, selling and collecting tips and a book identification service. Nancy Revealed is a nostalgic look back over the history of the series. Visit Drew News for the latest Nancy Drew sightings, merchandise, news and events. E-mail Sleuth Letters with your questions and comments--but please don't ask me how to play the Nancy Drew computer games--check out Her Interactive for that! Checkout Links to other Nancy Drew and series book sites. For permissions, copying, and quoting information, learn more About This Site.


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