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Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew was launched in June 2006. It is actually a relaunch of the Nancy Drew Notebooks series. A Detectives Club membership card was included with the first volume.

If you don't want to cut out the membership card or buy an extra book to do so, you can go online to the Clue Crew Website and print one out. At the website, they have "activities" a link to click on--they have the membership card, and will have 4 times a year updates on various activities. (NOTE: The club hasn't been updated online since Fall 2006 but each book continues to have activities inside.) To start with, they included these activities: Beaded Bracelets and Wild West Bandana Pillow crafts. They also had these recipes: Nancy, Bess, and George's Coffee-Can Ice Cream, Microwave S'Mores, and Chocolate Sauce. Check the website out for new updates on activities. They also have a personality quiz where you can see if you are a Bess, George, or a Nancy.

The Clue Crew series ended spring of 2015 and the new Clue Book series replaced it.

A promo for the series:

River Heights, here she comes! Eight-year-old Nancy Drew has never considered herself a detective before, but when a mystery unfolds at her friend's sleepover party, Nancy can't help but lend a hand. With her best friends, Bess and George, at her side Nancy realizes, Hey! This mystery stuff is fun!

Join Nancy and her friends as they launch their own detectives club--the Clue Crew are in business and at your service! They are spunky, sweet, and smart. Plus they can solve any mystery, anywhere--as long as they're not late for third-grade class!

Using simple chapter-book language and deductive reasoning to piece together each case, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew will appeal to girls, Nancy Drew fans, junior mystery buffs, and chapter-book readers alike. Join the Clue Crew and see how Nancy Drew--everyone's favorite super sleuth--got her start!

Clue Crew Titles:

1. Sleepover Sleuths
2. Scream for Ice Cream
3. Pony Problems
4. The Cinderella Ballet Mystery
5. Case of the Sneaky Snowman
6 Fashion Disaster
7. The Circus Scare
8. Lights, Camera...Cats!
9. The Halloween Hoax
10. Ticket Trouble
11. Ski School Sneak
12. Valentine's Day Secret
13. Chick-napped!
14. The Zoo Crew
15. Mall Madness
16. Thanksgiving Thief
17. Wedding Day Disaster
18. Earth Day Escapade
19. April Fool's Day
20. Treasure Trouble
21. Double Take
22. Unicorn Uproar
23. Babysitting Bandit
24. Princess Mix-Up Mystery
25. Buggy Breakout
26. Camp Creepy
27. Cat Burglar Caper
28. Time Thief
29. Designed For Disaster
30. Dance Off
31. The Make-a-Pet Mystery
32. Cape Mermaid Mystery
33. The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle
34. Cupcake Chaos
35. Cooking Camp Disaster
36. Secret of the Scarecrow
37. The Flower Show Fiasco (March 2014)
38. A Musical Mess (July 2014)
(Boxed set of first 5 - July 2014)
39. Museum Mayhem (November 2014)
40. Butterfly Blues (March 2015)

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