Stratemeyer Syndicate Books & Manuscripts -
Sold by Former Syndicate Partner Nancy Axelrad

UPDATE: APRIL 22, 2017 - LAST CHANCE! Own a piece of Stratemeyer Syndicate/Nancy Drew history! There are many items that are only $30 to $35 minimum bid and an easy way to add a treasure to your collections. During the final auction day tomorrow (23rd) I will be updating the list of books below with current bid and the 3 sections will also update as frequently as ever 5 minutes or so if not less, so keep reloading for updates. If your browser seems to not be updating, delete temp files and cookies and then reload. Also at the Facebook Group Nancy Drew Book Fans, I'll be updating there with current bid prices on books that have current bids through the auction so you can check both places. Be sure to have your final bids to me by 10PM Pacific time on April 23. See below for all particulars and get your list of choices and bids to me during the time frames below.....

At the end of each auction day, final prices realized will be noted in the list below, all bidder identities are confidential - they are free to disclose what they purchase if they choose to.

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Stratemeyer Syndicate history? The Syndicate that created and produced and in many cases wrote your favorite series books like Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Bobbsey Twins and many more? Now's your chance!

Former Stratemeyer Syndicate partner, Nancy Axelrad, has decided to part with a collection of over 100 combined books and manuscripts in her possession in this historic auction. Quite a few are signed author's copies or signed by Nancy for books she edited including a Hardy Boys book signed and inscribed by Syndicate partner Andrew Svenson and a Nancy Drew book signed and inscribed by Harriet Adams to Nancy Axelrad. The auction will take place: Saturday, April 22nd - see details below on the format of the auction and how to bid. Series for auction include: Nancy Drew (foreign editions too), Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Dana Girls, Bobbsey Twins & Historical Bobbsey Twins Manuscripts, Honey Bunch, Honey Bunch & Norman, Sunny Boy, Bunny Brown, Rover Boys, Ted Scott, Bomba, Laura Lee Hope's The Make-Believe Stories, Edward Stratemeyer Bound to Succeed Series & Ship and Shore Series, plus a set of Horatio Alger books from Nancy's NJ library.

Note: All books except Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock (DJ) and the Bobbsey Twins’ abridged editions were originally housed in the East Orange and Maplewood offices of Stratemeyer Syndicate. From time to time, later printings of certain books were purchased from booksellers to fill in gaps in the office library. They started acquiring books for the library after they moved to the Maplewood office. They did this for continuity, completeness, and reference when necessary. There were missing titles in the older series, or as in the case of Sunny Boy, most or all of an entire series was missing so books like this had to be acquired.  Accompanying images of the letters of provenance signed by Nancy Axelrad for each book include information and in some cases historical context. Books that were acquired are marked as such. Author copies are marked as such. Each book and manuscript comes with a personally signed letter of provenance from Nancy attesting to each item and its history.Nancy was a partner in the Syndicate and partners, employees and Stratemeyer family all kept mementos and some of their own items/books before they sold the business to Simon & Schuster. Each letter details each item and attests to their validity.

Most books have wear and tear, they are not mint condition and are used, with a few exceptions as noted in descriptions/pictures. Please see the photos below for the ultimate determination of condition. They are small for loading purposes--but you can click on each image to open them up in a separate window to view the larger image of each to see details on condition - once you click on the image and bring it up in another window, you should be able to click it again to make it even larger. There's edge/spine wear, dust jacket tears/chips for books with dust jackets. Some writing and names inside and some are signed as noted below. Other distinct flaws if spotted are noted per each book this applies to. Again, see photos to judge condition.

It goes without saying, these books from former Stratemeyer Syndicate partner Nancy Axelrad are historically significant and would enhance your collections. So, if you'd like to own something of this historic nature, please make your selections and bid accordingly while the auction is open for bids.

See blue box below for all auction rules/particulars. Contact e-mail:

Click on the 3 section banners below to view items for auction.

AUCTION RULES: On Saturday April 22nd, 2017, the sale will open - at 9AM Pacific Standard Time and will run through 10:00PM Pacific Standard Time. The items for auction are up for viewing now so you can make selections ahead of time and determine what you'd like to purchase. On the 22nd, please reload the page(s) here and view the items - prices will be listed at that time. Each item will have a minimum bid price to start.

If any items do not sell on the 22nd, they will be auctioned off on Sunday, April 23rd for a second and final day of selling. The same time frame of 9:00AM Pacific Standard Time through 10:00PM Pacific Standard Time will apply. Same rules and procedure as on the 22nd.

Using the item number/title, please e-mail me at (note there is NO "S" on the end of "sleuth") your selections and your high bid on each item - you can start with the opening price or you may make an offer above that--your high bid. For example, if the minimum price is $50, you may bid $50.00 or you may make a bid amount higher than that - your high bid. Each time someone bids, the current bid will reflect the highest bid given, there is no incremental bidding in specified amounts. If the current high bid was $100, the next bidder could outbid the former by bidding $100.01 for example or by bidding $200.00 (etc.) - if $200.00, the current bid becomes $200.00, and so forth. In other words, the next bid higher than the current bid becomes the new current bid amount--so if the bid is at $50.00 and someone bids $75.00 the new current bid is $75.00. There is no set increment or cap on maximum bid amounts, that is your choice to make in bidding.

I will update the website periodically as I have bids to reflect the current bid prices. However, every time you bid, I'll reply back to let you know if your bid is the current high bid or you need to bid higher and when you've been outbid.

If you are outbid at anytime, I will reply back to you and let you know which item(s) you are outbid on and you can rebid if you choose to.

To make sure we are in full communication with each other without any missing links, this is the pattern of correspondence: You e-mail me with your list of items you would like and your high bid on each item. I will reply back confirming receipt of your information. If anyone else outbids you, I will e-mail again, to note which item(s) you've been outbid on and the current high bid on the item(s). You can reply again to raise any bids you wish to raise. Once you rebid, I will again reply to confirm receipt of your rebids - and so on and so forth. To ensure that my e-mails are not going into your SPAM folder, please add (note there is NO "S" on the end of "sleuth") to your acceptable list. If you have not received a reply from me within 10 minutes to note receipt of bids or rebids, check your spam folder, and if nothing in any place, then re-e-mail me again.

Making bids will cease at 10pm Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, April 22nd. All high bidders will be contacted following that as soon as all bids and tallies are sorted out.

Payment will be due within 7 days unless an acceptable arrangement is worked out. Payment is by check, money order, or credit card. Checks must clear bank before shipping. There is a 3% fee charged for all credit card charges.

Shipping is extra and is media mail with insurance. We can ship priority mail if the buyer prefers. Shipped in boxes, with good padding/protection for books. I (Jennifer Fisher) am running the auction for Nancy Axelrad and will be handling the bids, the payments and shipping to buyers.

PLEASE NOTE: Outside the USA, shipping is first class if under 4lbs, priority mail if over and is very expensive either way, so inquire if interested.

NO RETURNS, all sales are final! So be sure to note descriptions, view all photos enlarged and ask all relevant questions before bidding!

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ITEM 33 - Dana Girls - The Secret at the Gatehouse - MIN. BID=$45.00
ITEM 34 - Dana Girls - The Mystery of the Bamboo Bird - MIN. BID=$45.00
ITEM 35 - Dana Girls - Mystery of the Wax Queen - MIN. BID=$65.00
ITEM 37 - Dana Girls - Mystery of the Bamboo Bird - MIN. BID=$65.00
ITEM 39 - Tom Swift Jr. - His Rocket Ship - MIN. BID=$45.00
ITEM 41 - Bobbsey Twins - Adventure in the Country Book & Manuscript Set - MIN. BID=$300.00
ITEM 43 - Bobbsey Twins - Mystery at School Book & Manuscript Set - MIN. BID=$250.00
ITEM 45 - Bobbsey Twins - Mystery on the Deep Blue Sea Book & Manuscript Set - MIN. BID=$300.00
ITEM 46 - Bobbsey Twins - Adventure in Washington Book & Manuscript Set - MIN. BID=$250.00
ITEM 47 - Bobbsey Twins - Visit the Great West Book & Manuscript Set - MIN. BID=$200.00
ITEM 48 - Bobbsey Twins - Bobbsey Twins Big Adventure at Home Manuscript - MIN. BID=$150.00
ITEM 52 - Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue and Their Shetland Pony - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 53 - Honey Bunch - Her First Little Circus - MIN. BID=$40.00
ITEM 54 - Honey Bunch and Norman - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 55 - Honey Bunch and Norman - On Lighthouse Island - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 56 - Honey Bunch and Norman - Tour Toy Town - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 57 - Honey Bunch and Norman - Play Detective at Niagara Falls (Copy 1) - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 58 - Honey Bunch and Norman - Play Detective at Niagara Falls (Copy 2) - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 59 - Honey Bunch and Norman - Ride with the Sky Mailman - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 60 - Honey Bunch and Norman - Tour Toy Town - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 61 - Bomba The Jungle Boy at the Giant Cataract - MIN. BID=$50.00
ITEM 62 - Ted Scott - Over the Ocean to Paris - MIN. BID=$30.00
ITEM 64 - The Rover Boys - On the Ocean - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 66 - Richard Dare's Venture - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 67 - True to Himself - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 68 - Reuben Stone's Discovery - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 69 - Sunny Boy - In the Country - MIN. BID=$20.00
ITEM 70 - Sunny Boy - At the Seashore - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 71 - Sunny Boy - In the Big City - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 72 - Sunny Boy - In School and Out - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 73 - Sunny Boy - And His Games - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 74 - Sunny Boy - In the Far West - MIN. BID=$20.00
ITEM 75 - Sunny Boy - With the Circus - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 76 - Sunny Boy - In the Snow - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 77 - Sunny Boy - At Willow Farm - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 78 - Sunny Boy - And His Cave - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 79 - Sunny Boy - At Rainbow Lake - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 80 - Make-Believe Stories - Sawdust Doll - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 81 - Make-Believe Stories - White Rocking Horse - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 82 - Make-Believe Stories - Lamb on Wheels - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 83 - Make-Believe Stories - Calico Clown - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 84 - Make-Believe Stories - Calico Clown (no DJ) - - MIN. BID=$20.00
ITEM 86 - Horatio Alger Jr. - Fame and Fortune - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 87 - Horatio Alger Jr. - Mark the Match Boy - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 89 - Horatio Alger Jr. - Ben the Luggage Boy - MIN. BID=$35.00
ITEM 90 - Horatio Alger Jr. - Rufus and Rose - MIN. BID=$35.00

ITEMS SOLD ON 4-23-17:

SOLD!ITEM 6 - Nancy Drew - The Triple Hoax - FINAL BID=$65.00
SOLD!ITEM 8 - Nancy Drew - The Kachina Doll Mystery - FINAL BID=$65.50
SOLD!ITEM 9 - Nancy Drew - Captive Witness - FINAL BID=$65.00
SOLD!ITEM 10 - Nancy Drew - Race Against Time - FINAL BID=$65.50
SOLD!ITEM 18 - Nancy Drew - The Kachina Doll Mystery - 3rd Art Cover - FINAL BID=$65.00
SOLD!ITEM 22 - Nancy Drew - The Twin Dilemma - FINAL BID=$45.50
SOLD!ITEM 27 - Nancy Drew - Old Clock & Hidden Staircase - FINAL BID=$20.00
SOLD!ITEM 28 - Nancy Drew - The Secret of the Forgotten City - FINAL BID=$45.00
SOLD!ITEM 29 - Nancy Drew - Nancy Drew Cookbook - FINAL BID=$126.00
SOLD!ITEM 65 - Tom Swift & Bobbsey Twins Misprint - FINAL BID=$45.00

ITEMS SOLD ON 4-22-17:

SOLD!ITEM 1 - The Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys - FINAL BID=$20.00
SOLD!ITEM 2 - Nancy Drew - Mystery of the Winged Lion - FINAL BID=$252.00
SOLD!ITEM 3 - Nancy Drew - The Twin Dilemma - FINAL BID=$80.00
SOLD!ITEM 4 - Nancy Drew - Mystery of the Winged Lion - FINAL BID=$75.00
SOLD!ITEM 5 - Nancy Drew - Mystery of the Winged Lion - Cover 2 - FINAL BID=$75.00
SOLD!ITEM 7 - Nancy Drew - The Flying Saucer Mystery - FINAL BID=$80.00
SOLD!ITEM 11 - Nancy Drew - The Sinister Omen - FINAL BID=$75.00
SOLD!ITEM 12 - Nancy Drew - The Elusive Heiress - FINAL BID=$75.00
SOLD!ITEM 13 - Nancy Drew - The Clue in the Ancient Disguise - FINAL BID=$85.00
SOLD!ITEM 14 - Nancy Drew - The Broken Anchor - FINAL BID=$75.00
SOLD!ITEM 15 - Nancy Drew - The Silver Cobweb - FINAL BID=$80.00
SOLD!ITEM 16 - Nancy Drew - The Haunted Carousel - FINAL BID=$85.00
SOLD!ITEM 17 - Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys - Super Sleuths! - FINAL BID=$80.00
SOLD!ITEM 19 - Nancy Drew - The Secret in the Old Lace - FINAL BID=$85.85
SOLD!ITEM 20 - Nancy Drew - The Secret in the Old Lace - FINAL BID=$100.00
SOLD!ITEM 21 - Nancy Drew - The Swami's Ring - FINAL BID=$56.56
SOLD!ITEM 23 - Nancy Drew - Mystery of the Winged Lion - FINAL BID=$50.00
SOLD!ITEM 24 - Nancy Drew - Mystery of the Winged Lion - FINAL BID=$55.55
SOLD!ITEM 25 - Nancy Drew - Mystery of the Winged Lion - FINAL BID=$85.85
SOLD!ITEM 26 - Nancy Drew - Mystery of the Winged Lion - FINAL BID=$116.00
SOLD!ITEM 30 - Nancy Drew - The Mysterious Mannequin - FINAL BID=$700.00
SOLD!ITEM 31 - Nancy Drew - The Clue in the Crumbling Wall - FINAL BID=$100.00
SOLD!ITEM 32 - Nancy Drew - The Secret of the Old Clock - FINAL BID=$80.00
SOLD!ITEM 36 - Dana Girls - The Phantom Surfer - FINAL BID=$65.00
SOLD!ITEM 38 - Hardy Boys - Mystery of the Flying Express - FINAL BID=$326.00
SOLD!ITEM 40 - Bobbsey Twins - Of Lakeport Book & Manuscript Set - FINAL BID=$350.00
SOLD!ITEM 42 - Bobbsey Twins - The Secret at the Seashore Book & Manuscript Set - FINAL BID=$275.00
SOLD!ITEM 44 - Bobbsey Twins - On Blueberry Island Book & Manuscript Set - FINAL BID=$250.00
SOLD!ITEM 49 - Bobbsey Twins - Bobbsey Twins Mystery at Meadowbrook Manuscript - CURRENT BID=$113.00
SOLD!ITEM 50 - Bobbsey Twins - Bobbsey Twins On a Houseboat Manuscript - FINAL BID=$150.00
SOLD!ITEM 51 - Bobbsey Twins - Bobbsey Twins Mystery at Snow Lodge Manuscript - FINAL BID=$100.00
SOLD!ITEM 63 - Rover Boys - On the River - FINAL BID=$35.00
SOLD!ITEM 85 - Horatio Alger Jr. - Ragged Dick - FINAL BID=$40.00
SOLD!ITEM 88 - Horatio Alger Jr. - Rough and Ready - FINAL BID=$40.00

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