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Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mysteries

Due to the initial success of the Nancy Drew Files series and The Hardy Boys Casefiles series, Nancy, Frank, and Joe teamed up once again in the Super Mysteries series of 36 books. This series ran over ten years from 1988 to 1998. Shown above are the progression of cover styles over time.

Super Mysteries Titles:

1. Double Crossing
2. A Crime for Christmas
3. Shock Waves
4. Dangerous Games
5. The Last Resort
6. The Paris Connection
7. Buried in Time
8. Mystery Train
9. Best of Enemies
10. High Survival
11. New Years Evil
12. Tour of Danger
13. Spies and Lies
14. Tropic of Fear
15. Courting Disaster
16. Hits and Misses
17. Evil in Amsterdam
18. Desperate Measures
19. Passport to Danger
20. Hollywood Horror
21. Copper Canyon Conspiracy
22. Danger Down Under
23. Dead on Arrival
24. Target for Terror
25. Secrets of the Nile
26. A Question of Guilt
27. Islands of Intrigue
28. Murder on the 4th of July
29. High Stakes
30. Nightmare in New Orleans
31. Out of Control
32. Exhibition of Evil
33. At All Costs
34. Royal Revenge
35. Operation: Titanic
36. Process of Elimination

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