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Nancy Drew Sightings: TV/Movie/News

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Nancy Drew Movie News

The four Warner Brothers Nancy Drew 1930s movies were released in June 2007 on DVD.

2007 Warner Brothers Nancy Drew Movie

Click here for the 2007 Warner Brothers Nancy Drew Movie Collectibles and Highlights!

Nancy Drew TV News


The 1995 Nancy Drew TV series, season one will be coming out on DVD. You can purchase these Kaboom Entertainment DVDs from Amazon Canada. They are available by themselves or in a combination Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys set.

Released in March 2005, is a DVD set of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys TV series: season 1. Universal. There is a promotional poster. Also released following was the second season. February 2013 will see the release of the third and final season which featured only the Hardy Boys.

TV segments on Nancy Drew Girl Detective:

The NBC Weekend Today show featured a segment on Nancy Drew for the Saturday, February 28th, 2004. My collection was filmed for a part of the segment--you can view the collection here.

Nancy Drew Newpaper & Magazine Articles

Online at Domino is a slide show of images from a reader decorating contest from 2007. One entry featured silhouettes of the Nancy Drew endpapers on cabinets--tres chic! The image is shown above.

The April 2007 issue of Clarion, a publication of the California Library Association, has an article on Nancy Drew and other girl sleuths. You can contact the CLA for copies at CLA, 717 20th St., Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95814 or e-mail the editor Anne Turner at

Visit the Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine website to purchase the Spring 2007 issue which had an article on Mildred Wirt Benson and her mystery writing, including Nancy Drew!

Nancy Drew & Mildred Wirt Benson: A Mystery Revealed. The original “Carolyn Keene,” nom de plume for the continually popular Nancy Drew mystery series, was “nobody’s sweet grandma.” She was Mildred A. Wirt Benson, a feisty, adventurous spirit. A career newspaperwoman, she set the standard for the enduring heroine that many fondly remember and still read today.

Read all about Nancy Drew and Mildred Wirt Benson in my article in the December 2006 issue of Firsts, a literary magazine for book collectors and enthusiasts. Firsts can be purchased on their website or in many independent and used/collector book stores!

To read an Op-ed that I wrote on the new Nancy Drew Girl Detective series published February 21st, 2004 in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Starr, click here.

Nancy's Still Nice, Newsweek Feb. 16th issue

Other Articles on Nancy Drew:

The February 2004 issue of Lifetime magazine and the March 2004 issue of More magazine feature the Gumshoe Girls' Nancy Drew Girl Detective loungewear and accessories. An article is featured in More.

Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys at the White House!

Featured in the 2004 White House Christmas theme, "A Season of Stories," are figures on one of the White House mantels of Nancy, Frank, and Joe. These were some of First Lady Laura Bush's favorites--she loved reading Nancy Drew books. Images of the figures shown above--taken from TV as captures, so they are a little fuzzy. Many decorations also grace the stately tree. Many other children's books and characters grace the decorations. First Lady Laura Bush said, "I really wanted to have one Christmas with all the stories that I think are so important for Americans to share with their children."

For the full text about the decorations, click here.

Mildred Wirt Benson, who wrote 23 of the original text Nancy Drew books: 1-7, 11-25, and 30, recently passed away at the age of 96. To read a nicely done article on her retirement from The Toledo Blade, writing career, and exciting life, click here.

View an article by Catherine Donaldson-Evans, about fan groups including the Nancy Drew Sleuths on by clicking here!

Nancy Drew in Catalogues

In the Pottery Barn (& PB Kids) catalogues, there are often series books in the displays. Someone in the decorating department must collect/enjoy series books!

To receive a copy of the latest catalogues available, go to

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