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Nancy Drew Games, Computer Games & Audio Tape Sightings

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Nancy Drew Games

Cadaco Games released the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Decoder Puzzles in June 2010.

Released back in July of 2005, was a fun Nancy Drew Party Game by Specialty Board Games. Players team up to track a jewel thief and collect clues to solve the case.

The first game is entitled, One Step Ahead. It is currently not being sold anymore. You can find copies of it at eBay from time to time.

Nancy Drew Computer Games

2012 Games include Tomb of the Lost Queen and The Deadly Device .

SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION! In time for the holidays, Her Interactive is releasing a limited 5000 run of 3 fan favorite games in a collectible tin with a nify journal featuring art from the games.

Only available at Amazon (click at right) or Her Interactive's website.

Please visit to order the games, get hints and help in solving them, and for more information about Her Interactive.

Nancy Drew Audio Book Tapes & CDs

View the Audio Books section of the library by clicking Here!

UPDATED: These are no longer being sold, however might still find some sets packaged with books at Sam's or Costco and also you can find copies of both styles at eBay from time to time.

Holiday 2006 Season: Costo had book and CD sets for books 8, 9, 10, and 12 which featured the yellow flashlight edition of the book and a set of audio CDs by Request Audiobooks.

In March 2006, books 8 and 9 were released on these CD sets by themselves and can be purchased at Shown at left are the two CD covers for 8 and 9.

August 2007: Random House released the first 4 books on Audio CDs!

Random House released the first 7 titles. These are the revised text versions.

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