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Nancy Drew Notebooks

The Nancy Drew Notebooks series ended with volume 69, The Kitten Caper, published in December 2005. A re-launch of the series starting over at volume 1 as "Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew" began in June 2006. Shown above are the various cover styles over time. Originally printed under the Minstrel imprint, it switched part way to the Aladdin imprint. This series is written for younger children, ages 5 to 8. The stories focus on Nancy, Bess, and George in the third grade at age 8. There are black and white illustrations throughout the text. The mysteries are often school related or related to friends of Nancy's at school and involve good lessons for kids. Nancy has a blue notebook in which she keeps track of her mysteries and writes down what she learns. For example, volume 4, The Soccer Shoe Clue, is about someone who is trying to cause trouble for Nancy's third-grade soccer team. At the end of the mystery, she writes in her notebook:

"I found out that it doesn't matter what the score is--there's only one good way to win. Be a real friend to everyone on your team!
Case closed." (pg. 74)

Notebooks Titles:

1. The Slumber Party Secret
2. The Lost Locket
3. The Secret Santa
4. Bad Day for Ballet
5. The Soccer Shoe Clue
6. The Ice Cream Scoop
7. Trouble at Camp Treehouse
8. The Best Detective
9. The Thanksgiving Surprise
10. Not Nice on Ice
11. The Pen Pal Puzzle
12. The Puppy Problem
13. The Wedding Gift Goof
14. The Funny Face Fight
15. The Crazy Key Clue
16. The Ski Slope Mystery
17. Whose Pet is Best
18. The Stolen Unicorn
19. The Lemonade Raid
20. Hannah's Secret
21. Princess on Parade
22. The Clue in the Glue
23. Alien in the Classroom
24. The Hidden Treasures
25. Dare at the Fair
26. The Lucky Horseshoes
27. Trouble Takes the Cake
28. Thrill on the Hill
29. Lights! Camera! Clues!
30. It's No Joke
31. Fine Feathered Mystery
32. Black Velvet Mystery
33. The Gumdrop Ghost
34. Trash or Treasure
35. Third Grade Reporter
36. Make Believe Mystery
37. Dude Ranch Detective
38. Candy is Dandy
39. Chinese New Year Mystery
40. Dinosaur Alert
41. Flower Power
42. Circus Act
43. The Walkie-Talkie Mystery
44. The Purple Fingerprint
45. The Dashing Dog Mystery
46. The Snow Queen's Surprise
47. The Crook Who Took the Book
48. The Crazy Carnival Case
49. The Sand Castle Mystery
50. The Scarytales Sleepover
51. The Old-Fashioned Mystery
52. Big Worry in Wonderland
53. Recipe for Trouble
54. The Stinky Cheese Surprise
55. The Day Camp Disaster
56. Turkey Trouble
57. The Carousel Mystery
58. The Dollhouse Mystery
59. The Bike Race Mystery
60. The Lighthouse Mystery
61. Space Case
62. The Secret in the Spooky Woods
63. The Snowman Surprise
64. The Bunny-Hop Hoax
65. Strike-Out Scare
66. Zoo Clue
67. The Singing Suspects
68. The Apple Bandit
69. The Kitten Caper

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