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Nancy Drew® 85th Anniversary Press Kit

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Got Clues? Want to learn more about Nancy Drew?

If you're interested in Nancy Drew and need an expert, consider me your gumshoe gal Friday! I write, research, consult, and speak about Nancy Drew--it's a delightfully mysterious hobby to say the least...

If you're working on a Nancy Drew article, book, or some kind of production, drop me an e-mail.

My consulting work includes work on the Warner Brother's 2007 Nancy Drew movie. My website has been used for numerous research projects, articles, and product development. However, it only touches the surface of Nancy Drew and her mysterious history. If you're interested in getting the full scoop, I'm happy to clue you in. I'm also happy to dispel myths and inaccuracies in the press in regard to Nancy Drew.

I can also provide:

  • High-Resolution scans of Nancy Drew books and collectibles in my extensive collection

  • Photos or video opportunities with my extensive Nancy Drew® collection

  • I'm available for interviews via e-mail or phone--and in person!

At the very least, consider fact-checking your work with me. Surely you don't want to see your work in my Mysterious Case of the Misinformed/Missing Facts Bibliography section! This website section is a work in progress and will include articles, interviews, and books that have inaccurate facts and sources in them related to Nancy Drew. This is my attempt to correct all the misinformation that exists out there in media and print sources.

Nancy Drew 85th Anniversary Press Kit

Nancy Drew's Mysterious History

Clues to Nancy Drew: Fun Facts

Nancy Drew Trivia

Things We've Learned From Nancy Drew

Quotes From Famous Nancy Drew Fans

Nancy Drew Sleuths Fan Club & Conventions

85th Anniversary Nancy Drew Mini Conventions

Nancy Drew on the Web: Links

If you're interested in the Nancy Drew Movie Press Kit that was created for the 2007 Nancy Drew Warner Brothers film, that kit includes a brief Nancy Drew fun facts timeline over the years, Nancy Drew trivia questions, Nancy Drew Factoids, 10 Clues about the new Nancy Drew movie, a recipe inspired by the new movie, and a Nancy Drew movie and TV fact sheet highlighting fun facts from Nancy Drew movies and TV shows over the years.

Press Kit PDF Files:

Sleuthing Through Time: Spotlight on Nancy Drew's Mysterious History
Nancy Drew Trivia Questions
Nancy Drew Factoids
10 Clues About Warner Brother's New Nancy Drew
Movie Star Lemon Bars
Nancy Drew at the Movies & On TV Fact Sheet

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