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2007 Nancy Drew 2007 Movie News, Highlights & Collectibles

Members of the Press:

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Cast List:

Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew
Tate Donovan as Carson Drew
Max Thieriot as Ned
Monica Parker as Hannah Gruen
Josh Flitter as Corky
Kelly Vitz as Trish
Daniela Monet as Inga
Marshall Bell as Leshing
Barry Bostwick as Dashiel Biedemeier
Bruce Willis as Famous Movie Actor
Amy Bruckner as Bess Marvin
Kay Panabaker as George Fayne
Laura Harring as Dehlia Draycott
Rachael Leigh Cook as Jane Brighton
Caroline Aaron as Barbara Barbara
Cliff Bemis as Chief McGinnis
David Doty as Father Murphy
Robert Merrill as Century Actor
Jared Weber as Henchman #3
Craig Gellis as Thug #1
Chris Kattan as Thug #2
Chris Kerner as Basketball Player #35
Richie Rayfield as Vintage Movie Film Crew
Thom Williams as Henchman
Joanne Barron as Costumer
Pat Carroll as Landlady
Adam Clark as Sgt. Billings
Christina Leigh as Medical Patient
Ryan Raddatz as Assistant Director
Rich Cooper as Charlie
Pablo Espinosa as Security Guard
Curtis Ray Husted as Calculus/Woodshop Student
Perri Lauren as Click Girl
Ashley Sherman as No Woman
Shaina Vorspan as No Girl #8/No Woman #6
Kimberly Evan as Wealthy Woman in Bikini
Rosemary Morgan as ...
Abigail Mason as Trish and Inga's clique
Will Leong (voice)
Anita Mascioli as Trish and Inga's clique
Alex Richard as student
Lucille Soong as Chinese waitress
Adam Bobrow as additional voices (voice)
Bree Elise as Trish and Inga's clique
Brianna Canillas as Trish and Inga's clique

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