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Nancy Drew® Movie Interviews

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Here are some articles I have been interviewed for on the new Nancy Drew® movie--keep in mind that after time some links may become inactive or invalid. Also a radio interview! There are some neat ones:

Off Ramp: 89.3 Radio Interview Scroll down to the link: The Nancy Drew Philes--click to bring up audio.

The Costco Connection: June '07 issue

Upstate Moms: Nancy Drew hits the big screen

Contra Costa Times: A Sleuth for the Ages

The Sun News: Hollywood's reinvention of teen sleuth may turn new readers on to classic books

Arizona Daily Star: On the Case

The Eagle-Tribune: Getting a clue: A new generation is discovering vintage sleuth Nancy Drew, thanks to new movie, games, books

Traverse City Record Eagle: Growing up with Nancy Drew

100's of Papers: AP Article: The Case of the Closet Clue

The Hamilton Spectator: Nancy Drew--At 77, she's still cool

LA City Beat: The Secret of Nancy Drew

Copley News Service: Various papers: Teen star Emma Roberts walks a pop-culture tightrope to do 'Nancy Drew' justice

Erie-Times News: Drawn to Drew's clues

The Arizona Republic: Nancy sleuth helps film with details

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The case of the girl detective

The Boston Globe: It's a mystery to some

The Flint Journal: It's no mystery

Newsday: She's a California girl sleuth now

LA Daily News: It's no mystery why teen sleuth is still beloved by her legion of fans

The Fresno Bee: Nancy Drew inspired a lot of little girls

USA Today: New 'Nancy Drew' anything but clueless

The Beaumont Enterprise: One classy crime solver

Pasadena Weekly: A real role model

The Oregonian: Thank goodness for Nancy Drew

The Weirton Daily Times: Nancy Drew star can be a positive role model

The Cluing in to Nancy Drew

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