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Nancy Drew 2007 Movie News, Highlights & Collectibles

Members of the Press, Party Planners, Teachers & Librarians:

I've got a super Nancy Drew Press Essentials Kit of ready made items you can use to spiff up your stories and profiles! Press kit essentials include: Nancy Drew history timeline, Nancy Drew® trivia, Nancy Drew factoids, 10 interesting clues about the new 2007 Warner Brothers Nancy Drew movie starring Emma Roberts, Nancy Drew at the Movies & TV fact sheet, & much more! For more information about my consulting, writing and extensive Nancy Drew collection click here.

LATEST NEWS: (Updated July 2, 2009)

I was hired to consult on the movie, which was a lot of fun. As I have new updates on the film and it's promotion, I will post them here. Visit fun links above: Cast List, Movie Stills, and the Movie's Official Website! Scroll down for images of the various Nancy Drew 2007 movie collectibles mysteriously popping up everywhere! I attended the Hollywood premiere of the movie on June 9th and it was so much fun! Click here for photos from the premiere! It was a "Penny Loafer Fashion Moment" when I saw the movie in spirit for the third time recently with my family. I enjoy it more each time I see it!

UPDATED DVD NEWS: March 11, 2008 was the date for the US release. In conjunction with the DVD release of the movie, there was a really neat special edition version of the movie called Nancy Drew: Drew’s Clues.

This special edition of the movie features pop-up imagery throughout the film that includes trivia questions and clues about Nancy’s adventures, as well as behind the scene facts and “the making of” information.

Nancy Drew: Drew’s Clues will be available only via digital outlets such as iTunes, Video-On-Demand, PPV (Pay per view through your cable company/etc.), etc. To help promote the release Warner Bros. will also host a National sweepstakes with the grand prize of a $5,000 shopping spree. View the information on how to access the special edition, DVD info, and enter the sweepstakes by checking out the official Nancy Drew: Drew’s Clues website.

See 4 sample stills from the Nancy Drew: Drew's Clues below:

Click here to view an ABC news segment during the movie promotion period from June 2007.

SEQUEL NEWS: DVD sales might help the possibility of a sequel but it's not likely...Stay tuned...BUT NOW--As of June 2009, the untitled sequel at IMDb online's release date has been changed from 2009 to 2011 so could a sequel be in the works again or is this just an across the board change where movies with '09 dates were updated to '11?

For a huge list of articles that have come out on Nancy Drew and the Sleuths' convention, that I was interviewed for, click here.

Calling All Sleuths! Nancy Drew is in the theaters right now! GET A CLUE! Get out and see the movie! Ignore the "Mean Girls" style trailer, that's really not what the film is all about! It's about a mystery--one of Nancy's favorite things in the world. Nancy Drew in the film is classic--like in the books in that she's polite and kind and loves to solve a mystery--she's very serious minded. She isn't worried about what others think and she doesn't change for anyone! In the end the Ada and Isabel Topham types (remember The Secret of the Old Clock?) are won over.

In other words, Nancy's a great role model just like she was in the books and this film is a great family friendly movie. You'll find Nancy transported from Mid-Western River Heights to Hollywood California searching for clues to an old-time movie star's death. Demure as ever, the world of Hollywood's teens is a harsh contrast, but ever our Nancy, she manages to win them over and catch a dastardly villain in the end! Expect some spooky scenes in the old actress's house a la classic Nancy Drew® mystery stories.

During the promotional tour that Emma Roberts went on, in promoting her reading campaigns, she visited a school in the DC area with First Lady Laura Bush, who was a fan of the books when she was a child, and also visited with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and read from the books when in Dallas. Below are a few photos from the tour:

Have a Nancy Drew® movie theme party! Click here for swell ideas!

The Nancy Drew® movie's Official Website is full of interactive sections, photos, trailer, downloads for wallpaper and clips of songs from the soundtrack! Songs include: Kids in America, It's On by Superchick, Looking for Clues sung by Katie Melua. Check out Emma's Blog, behind the scenes info, the Draycott Mansion Game and more...

See below for fun movie promotions and opportunities! The trailer can be seen during various movies now in theaters. Check out the image of the movie poster all lit up at a Harkins Theater! Vote in the poll below and give us your thoughts about seeing the new movie.

Click here to see Emma Roberts discuss all the neat gadgets in her sleuth kit and her other sleuth accessories!

Check out the best Emma Roberts fan site around by clicking the Emma banner below:

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There was a Nancy Drew® Party Promotion which was located at website doesn't come up anymore. Here is a blurb about it:

Nancy Drew® Slumber Party - 1st 250 2007-05-26 11:47:00 So you and your daughter want to host a “Nancy Drew®” Get A Clue! Mystery Slumber Party at your home?! Simply fill out the entry form below and if you’re selected we’ll send the first 250 qualifying households a free party kit to get things started!

Have Nancy Drew® a.k.a. Emma Roberts Call or Message You at!

Nancy Drew® coming to a mall near you! Check out Nancy Drew® and the Cotton Caper!

At malls around the country from May 21, 2007 to Sunday, June 17, there will be a promotion from Cotton, Inc. and Warner Brothers including great 3-D replica of the film's Draycott Mansion for sleuthing. Prizes will be given out. Emma Roberts will appear at some of the events to sign autographs. Check out the above website for more details. They've also got several contests online--you can enter one and also one is a writing contest for those 18 years or older. Lots of neat stuff with this promotion!

Nancy Drew® Movie Soundtrack Website:
NANCY DREW: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE features an all-star lineup of top artists spanning pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B. It includes NINE NEWLY-RECORDED AND ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE TRACKS from Liz Phair, J-Kwon, The Donnas, Matthew Sweet (w/ Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles), Bizarre, Cupid, Katie Melua, Price, and Joanna—plus the hit "Like A Star" by Corinne Bailey Rae and more!


1. Matthew Sweet "Come To California"
2. Liz Phair "Perfect Misfit"
3. The Donnas "Kids in America"
4. Joanna "Pretty Much Amazing"
5. Katie Melua “Looking For Clues”
6. Price "Hey Nancy Drew"
7. Corinne Bailey Rae "Like A Star"
8. Persephone's Bees "Nice Day"
9. Flunk "Blue Monday"
10. J-Kwon "We Came To Party"
11. Cupid "All I Need"
12. Bizarre "Party Tonight"

Check out the Nancy Drew® Mobile Mystery!

2007 Movie Collectibles:

DVD Promotional Items & Upcoming '08 Movie Merchandise:

Above are 4 DVD promotional posters (1 from the UK), a DVD display card, and a new Leap Frog Nancy Drew game based on the movie coming out summer '08.

Movie Theme Books:

The movie theme books: Hello, Hollywood by Fern Alexander, Nancy Drew: A Novelization of the Hit Movie by Daniela Burr, The Movie Star Mystery, Hollywood Head Scratchers, and Still Sleuthing! Also, the publisher is reprinting some of the books in the Nancy Drew® Girl Detective series with a neat movie logo on the covers. Also pictured are the backs of Still Sleuthing which has a Sleuth Squad Membership Card and Hollywood Head Scratchers which has a decoder wheel! Event kit from Simon & Schuster for book stores featuring neat event kit--some of the activities can be printed at the link below. Two styles of buttons, bookmarks, and mini movie posters.

Simon & Schuster has a nice Nancy Drew® Movie Page up on their website featuring the above books, a movie quiz, and the movie trailer. Also, great printable activities and event kit information!

LAST 3 PICTURES: Set of UK Girl Detective Books (6 in all) with the neat UK art plus the movie novelization--all shrinkwrapped together with an insert on the bottom with the phrase, "Now a Major Motion Picture." You can find this set at eBay UK for sure.

Mall & Movie Theater Promotional Items:

The above items are movie theater promos. The first is a banner--a bit fuzzy as it was in a dark area of the theater the flash couldn't reach well--up high. And then the movie poster. I've seen the poster at it's normal size of 27 x 40 and also a mini version found on eBay. An interesting promo item found at a mall is shown last. There are also large bus shelter posters at 4' x 6', not pictured above. A Netflix order form promo and also a 2nd style of movie banner are shown above. An Australian and a UK poster shown. Two Trailer items: movie trailer film and a packaged DVD of the movie trailer. Last item: Nancy Drew movie "Mylar"--light up promos which are slid into displays and back lit. They come in 2 sizes.

Nancy Drew Movie Premiere Collectibles:

These items are from the movie premiere held on June 9, 2007 at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Shown are tickets to the movie and the after party at Magic Castle as well as tickets for parking. The blue bag was part of a promo from Cotton Inc. at the after party--they handed these bags out to the kids and maps to solve 6 clues and get a prize--the prize is the Dooney & Bourke bag. I managed to finagle a bag of each from them, for my collection, even though they were for the kids.

The blue bag had a black light/flashlight for deciphering one of the clues on the wall which had to be read under black light, a magnifying glass, a pen, and a compass key chain. Also the map and clues finder sheet. And a caper booklet and denim pen.

The prize bag was a Dooney & Bourke totebag (they sponsored the party) which included a Dooney & Bourke catalog, a certificate to get $25.00 of a purchase of 150.00 or more--which featured the movie poster image on it, a rolled up mini movie poster, a bookmark, the movie soundtrack, and a black tee that featured "Nancy Drew" at the bottom of it in white. I have seen some of these items on eBay, minus the Dooney & Bourke tote which the seller(s) probably wanted to keep since it's a Dooney & Bourke. If you see these items listed at eBay, you might ask the seller about the Dooney & Bourke totebag, as they might be willing to part with it! The lst 3 items are images of the Nancy Drew movie premier invitation to the premier at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Movie Prize & Promotional Items:

(FYI: The dust jacket on the guide to life book has been seen with glossy and matte paper.)

Many of these were won in various contests around the country and on the Internet. The prize pack as shown above featured a magic 8 or clues ball with the movie logo, a mini guide to life with the movie poster on the dust jacket, a pink tee featuring the magnifying glass pin logo, a makeup bag, a lipstick pen, a clues notebook, and iPod cover, and a CD of the single by Rooney, "When did your heart go missing" as heard in the movie. Some prizes also included Her Interactive Nancy Drew® computer games and also books from Papercutz. And some prize packs also featured instead of the magnifying glass tee, a lilac tee also shown above that says "Small Town Girl. Big Time Adventure."

Also shown above is a little mirror/compact item that was part of a promotion Nancy Drew which involved a prize trip. There are some cute outtakes of kids talking about Nancy Drew®. The pink bag also went with the promotion--few were made--and also a headband came with it too--plaid--like Nancy wears in the movie. A movie style can with Guide to Life book inside given out at a studio screening on the lot--included a DVD of the movie trailer (not pictured). At malls around the country they had a "Cotton Caper" promo tour--featured are a clues book and a flyer for the event. Also given out with the books was a Cotton pen (not pictured), they had some neat posters and other advertising items (not pictured), and pictured above is a Cotton Caper shirt. I was sent a copy of The Secret of the Old Clock, which Warner Brothers was apparently sending out promotionally. 2007 printing. T-shirt featuring the movie poster.

Latest item is the clues notebook with a neat spy pen with the "Nancy Drew" logo on it--it writes in ink that you can see with the black light flashlight on the end of the pen! Seen at eBay. Also, a Slumber Party Kit: Partial kit items: "Top Secret" envelope, movie book, 3 notebooks, 3 lipstick pens, Slumber Party poster, DVD movie trailer. Set also included scavenger hunt list, a $25.00 gift card from American Express and more of these notebooks/lipstick pens plus t-shirts and iPod Nano covers. In Canada (maybe USA?), these neat lights featuring the movie logo were given out.

Misc. Nancy Drew Movie Items:

The above items include a very cool item from the movie set--a director's chair back featuring the movie name and a new style silhouette! An ad from a recent graphic novel, #6 Mr. Cheeters is Missing. The poster is from a reading campaign at! You can download a form at the website to send away for the poster featuring the Nancy Drew movie image. Shown is my movie script signed by Andrew Fleming, Tate Donovan, and Emma Roberts. A photo signed by Emma Roberts--there are a lot of signed items right now up on eBay--be careful with some of these items--you should bid on things that can be authenticated only. And a Nancy Drew® movie press kit! The postcard item shown is a little post card you get at Claire's stores, for the AOL Mobile Mystery campaign. Shown is a neat book display or "book dump" as they are often called, featuring a movie theme. I found this gem at Borders Books! The movie soundtrack. A "Spotlight" card featuring Emma Roberts at the Nancy Drew® movie premiere. A certificate printed from the movie's website after completing the Dehlia Draycott mansion game. An ad from the annual Las Vegas Sho West program, which featured Emma Roberts as the star of tomorrow and also a write up featuring information and a movie image from the movie. Last item shown: only a select few Nancy Drew Sleuths members received a copy of the newspaper prop from the movie, where Nancy nabs McNabb, at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour when Sleuths visited the studio. This will be a hard to find collectible in the future! A Nancy Drew book display shelf featuring the movie logos (Thanks Jim!). DVD front/back. Catering Company Tee that staff wore while catering meals for the film's crew. Lastly, a hat and a lunchbox produced for the film crew.

Nancy Drew Magazine Articles, Ads and Promotions:

The above items are magazine articles, ads, and promotions: April 2007 issue of Nick Magazine. There are 6 scans--the cover and an inside ad spread featuring three Warner Brothers movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, and Nancy Drew. There is a contest kids can enter, a board game, a quiz, and more information on each of these movies. It's a cute spread; June Seventeen magazine which feature an AOL Mobile Mystery and the movie poster in ads; May issue of Teen Vogue which has an article on Emma Roberts and features a pic from the movie and some info on the movie in it; June issue of J-14 which features a calendar and an image from the movie as well as a movie poster ad; Time Magazine from April 3, 2006. Girls' Life June issue: Emma Roberts/Nancy Drew® article.

Other magazines with movie mentions/articles which are not pictured include: Disney Adventures: May 2007, Parents June 2007, Nick Magazine June/July 2007, Pop Star Magazine July 2007, Cosmo Girl! June/July 2007, Teen Magazine Summer 2007, TV Guide Magazine June 11-17, 2007, Seventeen Magazine July 2007, Bop Magazine July 2007, Quizfest Summer 2007, Tiger Beat July 2007, and Twist July 2007. I'm sure there will be more!

Nancy Drew line from Accessory Network, exclusive to Barnes & Noble Stores:

The above images of the some of the fun items that will be exclusive to Barnes & Noble--messenger bag, wristlet, wallet. There were planned items: an agenda, journal, pencil case, and stationary tin, but these have since disappeared from Barnes and Noble's site, so these may have been scrapped.

If you find something I don't have shown here, e-mail me!

There will also be some other promotions for the movie involving Cotton, Inc, AOL AIM Mobile, Cool Cuts for Kids, Books-A-Million, and ads in Delia's catalog plus some newspaper PSAs about reading.

There will be an awesome floor display for all of the movie theme books featuring neat graphics from the movie.

Also to tie into the movie, the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series will have a movie theme book, #24, Murder on the Set. While set in River Heights, it will have a movie theme--Nancy gets the lead in a film that is prone to sabotage. And the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series sends Nancy to Hollywood in Lights, Camera...Cats! They go to Hollywood to a movie set starring a famous cat. But trouble on the set ensues.

Currently, I am writing a book which focuses on the mysterious history of Nancy Drew®. While this website is a good introduction into the world of Nancy Drew®, you will find further analysis in my upcoming book.

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