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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories® 51-56

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51 Mystery of the Glowing Eye 1974

When Nancy eagerly agrees to help Carson Drew solve the mystery of the glowing eye, she has no way of knowing that it will involve the kidnapping of her close friend Ned Nickerson. A puzzling note in Ned's handwriting sets Nancy, Bess, and George on a hazardous search for a bizarre criminal. Nancy must not only thwart the criminal but also has to contend to the high-handed methods of a woman lawyer who tries to take the case away from her.

52 The Secret of the Forgotten City 1975

Rumors that long ago a treasure was hidden in a city now buried under the Nevada desert lead Nancy, Bess, and George to join a college sponsored archaeological dig in search of the gold. An ancient stone with petroglyphs on it gives Nancy clues to the missing treasure and brings her danger from a thief who wants the treasure.

53 The Sky Phantom 1976

Nancy goes to the Excello Flying School in the Midwest to take lessons while Bess and George horseback ride on a ranch they are staying at. A mystery involving a hijacked plane and a missing pilot as well as an elusive sky phantom and horse thief keep Nancy busy hunting down clues involving a strange magnetic cloud.

54 The Strange Message in the Parchment 1977

A sheep farmer receives a mysterious telephone call after he buys a series of pictures painted on parchment. He is told to decipher the message in the parchment and right a wrong. He asks Nancy to help solve this baffling mystery which soon involves a boy artist and a ruthless villain.

55 Mystery of Crocodile Island 1978

In a response to a friend's call for help, Nancy's father, Carson Drew, asks her to travel to the mysterious Crocodile Island with Bess and George to study the reptiles and try to uncover a group of suspected poachers. Upon their arrival, they are kidnapped but manage to escape and uncover a sinister racket that involves many unsuspecting victims.

56 The Thirteenth Pearl 1979

Nancy is asked to locate a stolen pearl necklace that is unusual and valuable. She and her father, Carson Drew, travel to Japan in search of the necklace and help uncover a group of underworld jewel thieves hiding behind a pearl cult worshipping front.

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