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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories® 21-30

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21 The Secret in the Old Attic 1944, 1970

Nancy races against time to unravel clues in a dead man's letters. If she succeeds, Philip March and his little granddaughter can be saved from financial ruin. Following the obscure clues, Nancy undertakes a search for some unpublished musical manuscripts which she believes are hidden in the dark, cluttered attic of the rundown March mansion. But someone else wants them enough to put many frightening obstacles in Nancy's way.

22 The Clue in the Crumbling Wall 1945, 1973

Nancy is asked to help find a missing professional dancer and becomes involved in a mystery involving mysterious Heath Castle. While investigating the castle, Nancy, Bess, and George search for a secret hidden within the crumbling walls in order to unravel a mysterious puzzle and restore the missing dancer's inheritance.

23 The Mystery of the Tolling Bell 1946, 1973

Nancy, Bess, and George travel to a picturesque seaside town at the invitation of one of Carson Drew's clients. Mr. Drew fails to join the girls, leading to a mystery involving his disappearance and a nearby cliffside cave inhabited by a ghost and his tolling bell.

24 The Clue in the Old Album 1947, 1977

Nancy witnesses a purse snatching and runs after the thief. She rescues the purse and is asked by the owner, a doll collector, to do some detective work. Nancy must find an old album, a lost doll, and a missing gypsy violinist. Nearly foiled when she is poisoned by a French-swordsman doll, Nancy solves the mystery and helps reunite the doll collector and her grandchild.

25 The Ghost of Blackwood Hall 1948, 1967

When Mrs. Putney seeks Nancy's help in recovering her stolen jewelry, the search for thieves takes Nancy, Bess, and George to New Orleans. Mrs. Putney's strange behavior and two young women involve Nancy in a case about a cruel hoax of "haunting" spirits at Blackwood Hall.

26 The Clue of the Leaning Chimney 1949, 1967

A rare and valuable Chinese vase is stolen from a pottery shop which leads Nancy, Bess, and George on the trail of thieves. Along the way they search for a leaning chimney and missing pottery experts.

27 The Secret of the Wooden lady 1950, 1967

Nancy, Bess, and George help Captain Easterly solve the mystery of ghostly visitors to his ship in Boston Harbor. The ship's figurehead is missing. It is a mystery that once solved will unravel the history of the ship.

28 The Clue of the Black Keys 1951,

Terry Scott, a young archeology professor seeks Nancy's help in unearthing a secret of antiquity which can only be unlocked by three black keys. While on an archaeological expedition in Mexico, Terry and Dr. Joshua Pitt found a clue to the buried treasure on a cipher. Soon after, Dr. Pitt and the cipher disappeared. Terry suspects the Tinos, a couple posing as scientists who vanished at the same time.

29 The Mystery at the Ski Jump 1952, 1968

Nancy, Bess, and George follow the trail of fur thieves to New York and Canada. While trying to catch the thieves, Nancy must catch the woman using her identity to her name.

30 The Clue of the Velvet Mask 1953, 1969

A masquerade party turns into a mystery for Nancy when a cloaked man is seen climbing into the second story window of the mansion and things end up stolen. Once again on the trail of thieves, Nancy must undercover the gang who are stealing jewels and art at parties given by wealthy people. When Nancy and George switch identities, George soon discovers that while it is exciting to play amateur detective, it can be dangerous to masquerade as Nancy Drew®!

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