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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories® 11-20

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11 The Clue of the Broken Locket 1934, 1965

Original Text:

Kitty and Johnny Blair have adopted twins, but something is not quite right about the whole scenario. Nancy finds a clue in a broken locket that leads her down a mysterious path to find the twins' real parents.

Revised Text:

Nancy, Bess, and George find strange events happening when they visit Misty Lake. The meet Cecily Curtis, who seeks Nancy's help in solving two mysteries: one concerning Cecily's fiance, Niko Van Dyke, a popular singer who believes his record company is cheating him of royalty payments; the other, involving a family treasure hidden before the start of the Civil War--Cecily's only clue being half of a gold locket. Nancy's investigation leads to Pudding Stone Lodge and involves the sinister Driscoll family.

12 The Message in the Hollow Oak 1935, 1972

Original Text:

Nancy wins a contest and ends up winning land in Canada. Nancy and her chums travel to Canada and along the way discover there may be hidden gold on the property. Nancy's mystery helps reunite lost love as well.

Revised Text:

A group of professional detectives challenge Nancy to tackle a mystery that they have failed to solve: find an invaluable message hidden by a missionary centuries ago in a hollow oak tree in Illinois. While searching the woods for the ancient tree, Nancy, Bess, and George take part in an archaeological dig investigating Indian burial mounds. All the while Nancy searches, a mysterious enemy stalks her and it becomes a race to find the message and the treasure it reveals.

13 The Mystery of the Ivory Charm 1936, 1974

What secret life-giving power does the exquisite ivory elephant charm contain? Can the trinket really protect its wearer from all harm? Nancy investigates a circus performer and his young assistant, Coya(Rishi in revision), who is being cruelly treated. In helping Coya to find his real father, Nancy stumbles a secret that only the ivory charm can help reveal.

14 The Whispering Statue 1937, 1970

Original Text:

Nancy and her chums go to Sea Cliff to view a statue made of marble. Nancy has been told it resembles her. While visiting Sea Cliff, Nancy becomes embroiled in a mystery involving the whispering statue and is aided by pesky terrier dog, Togo.

Revised Text:

Nancy is asked to solve a puzzling mystery involving a valuable collection of rare books that have been commissioned to a man suspected of being a swindler. A second mystery involving a stolen marble statue that was said to whisper leads Nancy down a dangerous path to discovering a ring of clever art thieves.

15 The Haunted Bridge 1937, 1972

Carson Drew is on the trail of an international ring of jewel thieves. Nancy, Bess, and George, who are staying at Deer Mountain Hotel to relax and play golf, become involved in Carson's case and also tie in the mystery behind a ghost haunting the grounds of the hotel.

16 The Clue of the Tapping Heels 1939, 1969

Nancy attempts to solve the mystery of strange tapping sounds in the house of a retired actress. Who is the tapper? How does he gain access to Miss Carter's house, despite securely locked doors and windows? Why do the tapping sounds come in Morse code? While trying to learn the answers to these and other puzzling questions, Nancy finds her investigations complicated by the dishonest administrator of a will and a thief who steals Miss Carter's prize Persian cats.

17 The Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk 1940, 1976

Original Text:

Nancy, Bess, and George take a trip to South America on a cruise and discover a mystery involving a brass-bound trunk and a ring of jewel smugglers.

Revised Text:

Nancy, Bess, and George are on a cruise from the Netherlands to New York when they befriend Nelda Detweiler who shares their cabin. Nelda has been accused of stealing a diamond bracelet. Nancy discovers a connection to a ring of international jewel thieves in an unclaimed brass-bound trunk.

18 The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion 1941, 1971

Original Text:

A vacation for Nancy, Bess, and George leads to the discovery of a moss-covered mansion and the strange eerie sounds emanating from inside the mansion. In trying to uncover the source of the sounds, Nancy stumbles upon a mystery involving a lost fortune.

Revised Text:

A friend of Carson Drew's has been arrested and charged with sending a truck loaded with explosive oranges into the Space Center at Cape Kennedy, Florida. Nancy, Bess, George, and Carson rush to Florida to prove Carson's friend innocent. During Nancy's investigation, she becomes suspicious of an old spooky moss-covered mansion and the wild animals that roam the grounds. Nancy soon becomes involved in the mystery of the moss-covered mansion.

19 The Quest of the Missing Map 1942, 1969

Nancy investigates a small ship cottage at the Chatham estate and discovers a connection between the mysterious occurrences at Ship Cottage and a treasure island. With a half map, Nancy sets out to find a missing twin brother who owns the other half of the map. The mystery becomes even more dangerous on a voyage to the mysterious island.

20 The Clue in the Jewel Box 1943, 1972

An antique dealer's revelation about a former queen's priceless heirloom starts Nancy on a trail of exciting adventures. Madame Alexandra, now living incognito in River Heights, asks Nancy to find her missing grandson. With only one clue to go on--a faded photograph of the prince at the age of four--the young detective begins her dangerous search. A secret in a jewel box helps unmask a slick imposter and reunites the long-separated family.

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