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This section is designed to be an overview for you to explore all the different books and series that Mildred Wirt Benson wrote from the mid-1920s to the late 1950s - a total of 135 published books. This figure has sometimes been said to be 136, but that came from an old list that included a Kay Tracey title she didn't write. The correct total is 135.

The Stratemeyer Syndicate series she wrote various books in were: Nancy Drew, Dana Girls, Kay Tracey, Ruth Fielding, Doris Force, and Honey Bunch. These series were written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate under their pseydonyms and on their outlines, edited by the Syndicate and it's publishers. View these sections to see which titles she wrote in these series.

Her own books and series include: Penny Parker, Penny Nichols, Madge Sterling, Trailer Stories for Girls, Flash Evans, Mildred A. Wirt Mystery Stories, Dot & Dash, Brownie Scouts, Dan Carter Cub Scout, Girl Scouts, Boy Scout Explorers and various individual books that were not part of series and a couple that were part of a Cupples & Leon mystery stories for girls series which included other books by other authors as well. Her favorite series she wrote was the Penny Parker Mystery Stories. Her name on her various books and series progressed from Mildred A. Wirt to Mildred Benson as she married and remarried. Some of her series also were written under her own pseudonyms like Frank Bell, Joan Clark, Don Palmer, Dorothy West and Ann Wirt.

Below, visit the various sections of the Mildred Wirt Benson Books & Series Library for cover art, synopses, title lists, and more--click on the series below to view each one and learn more about them. Then below the following sections in the library, there's a comprehensive list of all books and series she wrote.

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Mildred Wirt Benson Books & Series Library

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Dana Girls
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Doris Force
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Books & Series:

This list compiled originally by Geoffrey S. Lapin and published in Rediscovering Nancy Drew is arranged by pseudonym - some of her own series were written under her own pseudonyms.


Flash Evans Books
Flash Evans and the Darkroom Mystery 1940
Flash Evans, Camera News Hawk 1940


Dangerous Deadline 1957
Quarry Ghost 1959
Kristie at College [Quarry Ghost] 1960


Penny Nichols Mystery Stories
Penny Nichols Finds a Clue 1936
Penny Nichols and the Mystery of the Lost Key 1936
Penny Nichols and the Black Imp 1936
Penny Nichols and the Knob Hill Mystery 1939
Connie Carl at Rainbow Ranch 1939


Doris Force Mystery Stories
Doris Force at Locked Gates 1931
Doris Force at Cloudy Cove 1931


The Ruth Fielding Series
Ruth Fielding and Her Great Scenario 1927
Ruth Fielding at Cameron Hall 1928
Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name 1929
Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures 1930
Ruth Fielding and Baby June 1931
Ruth Fielding and Her Double 1932
Ruth Fielding and Her Greatest Triumph 1933
Ruth Fielding and Her Crowning Victory 1934


Kay Tracey Mystery Stories
The Mystery of the Swaying Curtains 1935
The Shadow on the Door 1935
The Six Fingered Glove Mystery 1936
The Green Cameo Mystery 1936
The Secret at the Windmill 1937
Beneath the Crimson Brier Bush 1937
The Message in the Sand Dunes 1938
The Murmuring Portrait 1938
When the Key Turned 1939
In the Sunken Garden 1939
The Sacred Feather 1940


Mystery at the Lookout

Dana Girls Mystery Stories
The Secret at the Hermitage 1936
The Circle of Footprints 1937
The Mystery of the Locked Room 1938
The Clue in the Cobweb 1939
The Secret at the Gatehouse 1940
The Mysterious Fireplace 1941
The Clue of the Rusty Key 1942
The Portrait in the Sand 1943
The Secret in the Old Well 1944
The Clue in the Ivy 1952
The Secret of the Jade Ring 1953
Mystery at the Crossroads 1954

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
The Secret of the Old Clock 1930
The Hidden Staircase 1930
The Bungalow Mystery 1930
The Mystery at Lilac Inn 1930
The Secret at Shadow Ranch 1931
The Secret of Red Gate Farm 1931
The Clue in the Diary 1932
The Clue of the Broken Locket 1934
The Message in the Hollow Oak 1935
The Mystery of the Ivory Charm 1936
The Whispering Statue 1937
The Haunted Bridge 1937
The Clue of the Tapping Heels 1939
The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk 1940
The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion 1941
The Quest of the Missing Map 1942
The Clue in the Jewel Box 1943
The Secret in the Old Attic 1944
The Clue in the Crumbling Wall 1945
The Mystery of the Tolling Bell 1946
The Clue in the Old Album 1947
The Ghost of Blackwood Hall 1948
The Clue of the Velvet Mask 1953

Boy Scout Explorer Series
Boy Scout Explorers at Emerald Valley 1955
Boy Scout Explorers at Treasure Mountain 1955
Boy Scout Explorers at Headless Hollow 1957


Honey Bunch Books
Honey Bunch, Her First Little Treasure Hunt 1937
Honey Bunch, Her First Little Club 1938
Honey Bunch, Her First Trip in a Trailer 1939
Honey Bunch, Her First Trip to a Big Fair 1940
Honey Bunch, Her First Twin Playmates 1941


Dot and Dash Books
Dot and Dash at the Maple Sugar Camp 1938
Dot and Dash at Happy Hollow 1938
Dot and Dash in the North Woods 1938
Dot and Dash in the Pumpkin Patch 1939
Dot and Dash at the Seashore 1940


Madge Sterling Series
The Missing Formula 1932
The Deserted Yacht 1932
The Secret of the Sundial 1932


Sky Racers 1935
The Twin Ring Mystery 1935
Carolina Castle 1936
Courageous Wings 1937
Mystery of the Laughing Mask 1940
Linda 1940
Pirate Brig 1950

Brownie Scout Series
The Brownie Scouts at Snow Valley 1949
The Brownie Scouts in the Circus 1949
The Brownie Scouts in the Cherry Festival 1950
The Brownie Scouts and Their Tree House 1951
The Brownie Scouts at Silver Beach 1952
The Brownie Scouts at Windmill Farm 1953

Dan Carter, Cub Scout Series
Dan Carter, Cub Scout 1949
Dan Carter and the River Camp 1949
Dan Carter and the Money Box 1950
Dan Carter and the Haunted Castle 1951
Dan Carter and the Great Carved Face 1952
Dan Carter and the Cub Honor 1953

Girl Scout Series
The Girl Scouts at Penguin Pass 1953
The Girl Scouts at Singing Sands 1955
The Girl Scouts at Mystery Mansion 1957

Mildred A. Wirt Mystery Stories
The Clue at Crooked Lane 1936
The Hollow Wall Mystery 1936
The Shadow Stone 1937
The Wooden Shoe Mystery 1938
Through the Moon-Gate Door 1938
Ghost Gables 1939
The Painted Shield 1939

Penny Parker Mystery Stories
Tale of the Witch Doll 1939
The Vanishing Houseboat 1939
Danger at the Drawbridge 1940
Behind the Green Door 1940
Clue of the Silken Ladder 1941
The Secret Pact 1941
The Clock Strikes Thirteen 1942
The Wishing Well 1942
Ghost Beyond the Gate 1943
Saboteurs on the River 1943
Hoofbeats on the Turnpike 1944
Voice from the Cave 1944
The Guilt of the Brass Thieves 1945
Signal in the Dark 1946
Whispering Walls 1946
Swamp Island 1947
The Cry at Midnight 1947

Ruth Darrow Flying Stories
Ruth Darrow in the Air Derby 1930
Ruth Darrow in the Fire Patrol 1930
Ruth Darrow in the Coast Guard 1931
Ruth Darrow in Yucatan 1931

Trailer Stories for Girls
The Runaway Caravan 1937
The Crimson Cruiser 1937
Timbered Treasure 1937
The Phantom Trailer 1938

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