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Mildred A. Wirt Mystery Stories

Millie was given her own series under her own name of Mildred A. Wirt. This series consisted of these 7 volumes:

  • volume #1 The Clue at Crooked Lane, 1936
  • volume #2 The Hollow Wall Mystery, 1936
  • volume #3 The Shadow Stone, 1937
  • volume #4 The Wooden Shoe Mystery, 1938
  • volume #5 Through the Moon-Gate Door, 1938
  • volume #6 Ghost Gables, 1939
  • volume #7 The Painted Shield, 1939

Both Ghost Gables and Painted Shield were reprinted with different art for the World Junior Library published by The World Publishing Company. The two covers for Ghost Gables are pictured above.

The original art for Painted Shield, shown at

left on top, was painted by Millie's mom, Lillian.

The second cover art shown at left and below was

created for a World Junior Library reprint.

The Mysteries:

The Clue at Crooked Lane:

Peggy Palmer finds a secret drawer in an old desk which leads to many mysterious events, not solved until the Old Miser at Crooked Lane unwittingly shows the way.

The Hollow Wall Mystery:

Sally Lansing and her chum, Victoria Rand, literally fall into a mystery in Mexico City which keeps them all madly excited until they can supply the solution.

The Shadow Stone:

In the crowded, festive streets of New Orleans during the annual Mardi Gras, a candy vendor gives Carol Scott an uncut jade stone hidden in a box of candy. The stone which casts the hideous shadow of a man, draws Carol into a surprising series of adventures that involve mistaken identity, the strange disappearance of a young girl and the enigma of the House of the Peacock Shutters.

The Wooden Shoe Mystery:

Patty Rose Saunders finds the solution to the curious rail-fence cipher appearing on a pair of wooden shoes belonging to the family of her friend, Katrina Vandervort, and it leads her to a startling discovery.

Through the Moon-Gate Door:

Behind the elaborate moon-gate door on Moon-Gate estate, a Chinese amusement park in San Francisco, lies a web of mystery that ensnares Sally Brandon and Dorothy French and plunges them into a series of breath-taking adventures.

Ghost Gables:

A stranger moves into Ghost Gables in order to turn it into a rooming house. Problem is, it's haunted. Or is it? The search to uncover the mysterious history of Ghost Gables is an exciting tale indeed!

The Painted Shield:

A trip along the Mississippi River detours into a trip to Texas to check out an old property. A missing brother, an old Aztec treasure, and a trek into Mexico round out this exciting mystery!

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