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Nancy Drew® Multi-Scene Library Editions:

The Multi-Scene Library Editions have on the cover 8 different scenes from Nancy Drew® dust jacket/picture cover art. They fall in 3 rows from top to bottom. The top row from left to right, features volume #3, The Bungalow Mystery, second art by Bill Gillies and #13, The Mystery of the Ivory Charm, first art by Russell Tandy. The second row from left to right, features volume #19, The Quest of the Missing Map, first art by Russell Tandy, #11, The Clue of the Broken Locket, second art by Bill Gillies, and #4, The Mystery at Lilac Inn, second art by Bill Gillies. The third row from left to right, features volume #32, The Scarlet Slipper, first art by Rudy Nappi, #15, The Haunted Bridge, first art by Russell Tandy, and #29, The Mystery at the Ski Jump, first art by Bill Gillies. I have also come across volumes with Nancy Drew stories and the title on the cover but the scenes are of the Dana Girls instead.

These have appeared with several colors of boards--lime green, pale light green-yellow, green, and a mustard yellow. The multi-scenes on the cover are in blue colors--light and dark, the lighter more faded and the darker more bold. Interesting to note--unlike the blue multi endpapers we are so used to--these little scenes are actually exact copies of the cover art. If you look closely, the blue multi endpapers are not exact copies from the different cover art but are similar images.

The top of the spine has a circle with a profile of Nancy just like the colored spine symbols used on some wrap dust jackets and all picture covers.

One of these volumes that I have, has a library card inside with the earliest check out date of 1976, so perhaps these kind of editions are circa the mid-70's.

Click below on the sample library edition thumbnail images for a larger view of each volume.

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