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I have many series book links listed below, organized by type, as well as sources for online fanzines, auction sites, book search sites, book protector sites, and book seller sites.

The Best & Most Informative Nancy Drew Sites:

Nancy Drew Sleuth Unofficial Website

Nancy Drew Research - Sort the Facts from the Fiction!

The Sleuth Shop - Nancy Drew Books & Merchandise For Sale

Cafe Press Nancy Drew Shop - Merchandise For Sale

The Sleuth - Nancy Drew & Series Magazine Subscriptions & Back Issues

Nancy Drew Sleuths Fan Group

Annual Nancy Drew Conventions

Nancy Drew Sleuths: Jr. Detective Squad Club For Kids

Nancy Drew Sleuths Discussion Group (Mostly Adults)

Nancy Drew Sleuth Website Facebook Fan Page

Nancy Drew Sleuths Fan Group Facebook Fan Page

Nancy Drew Fans Discussion Group at Facebook

Nancy Drew Sleuths Fan Group Twitter

The Original Carolyn Keene - The Mildred Wirt Benson Website

Around the World with Nancy Drew (Foreign Editions)

Nancy Drew Paperbacks Guide

Nancy Drew & Girls Series Books -

The Nancy Drew 75th/Stratemeyer Syndicate 100th Conference

TV's Nancy Drew - Pamela Sue Martin

Nancy Drew & Friends - Univ. of MD Online Exhibition

The Mildred Wirt Benson Digital Collection - Univ. IA

The Unofficial Nancy Drew Home Page

Nancy Drew & Series Book Blogs & Facebook Groups:

Nancy Drew Book Fans Facebook Discussion Group

Collecting Vintage Childrens' Series Books Facebook Discussion Group

Judy Bolton Facebook Discussion Group

Nancy Drew Sleuth Website Blog

Nancy Drew Sleuths Fan Group Blog Blog

Series Book Collecting Blog

Around the World with Nancy Drew Blog

BookSleuth's Series Book Collection Blog

Jennifer's Series Books Blog

Other Noteworthy Series Book Sites:

The Cover Art of Childrens' Series Books (Jim McNamara Collection)

The Stratemeyer Syndicate

19th Century Girls' Series

The Ken Holt Home Page & Jim Towey Reprints

Rick Brant - Spindrift Island

The Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page

Hardy Detective Agency

Hardy Boys Casefiles

Tom Swift at

Tom Swift 100

The Complete Tom Swift Jr. Home Page

The Unofficial Tom Swift Home Page

Tom Swift Jr.: An Appreciation

The Judy Bolton Home Page

Trixie Belden Home Page

The Bobbsey Twins Collector's Guide

Bobbsey Twins Formats

Weinstein's Bobbsey Twins Books

Tunnel Two - Three Investigators

Three Investigators Website

Betsy Tacy Society

Series Books: This Isn't All

Beyond Nancy Drew: A Guide to Girls' Literature

Tom Corbett Space Cadet

Collector Bob Finnan has also created some pages for various series--these also have purchase links to buy lots of the reprints and digital downloads at Amazon--especially for some of the more obscure long out of print series:

The Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page

The Tom Swift Unofficial Home Page

The Unofficial Nancy Drew Home Page

Series Book Central

Vicki Barr

X Bar X Boys

Boxcar Children

Brains Benton Mysteries

Ted Scott Flying Stories

The Cherry Ames Nursing Series

Chip Hilton Sports Stories

Connie Blair

The Dana Girls Mystery Stories

Doc Savage

Don Sturdy Adventure Stories

Encyclopedia Brown

Judy Bolton Mysteries

Ken Holt

Leo Edwards

Motor Boys

Movie Boys

Penny Parker

Radio Boys

Rick Brant

Rover Boys Stories

Tom Quest Adventure Series

Nancy Drew & Series Book Search Sites & Sources for Book/DJ Protectors:

AddALL - Used & Out of Print Search




Where to Buy (& Sell) Nancy Drew & Series Books:


The Sleuth Shop


Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

Jennifer's Series Books eBay Store

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