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Nancy Drew® Library Editions

Nancy Drew Library Bound editions tend to bring back a lot of memories to those who checked out a little something different each time they went to the library. A little something different from the usual books in picture cover format, that is. The library bound editions, while sometimes a little grubby, sometimes a little worn, and sometimes a little used, are well-read and well loved and treasured by many a child and adult who have checked them out over the years!

I have been collecting the library editions for a couple of years now and really enjoy them--even the dingey grubby ones! I can remember back when I was in elementary school and we had a small but substantial little school library. During various class activities or guest speakers, we would have to go to the library and gather in a circle in this open area that had shelves bordering it. I can remember always sitting by the Nancy Drews, which I loved so much. I often wonder how much time I spent paying attention to what was going on around me as I was peeking into the various volumes on the shelf and perhaps even daring to read one lest I be caught by my teacher!

The following editions are those that I have come across in my collecting. As always, if you have a scan of a book that I do not have pictured here or of a type of binding I do not have a section for, please send a scan--I'll credit it as being a part of your collection!

PC Grosset & Dunlap Editions
Mag. Glass Editions
APC Green & White Editions
Glossy YS Editions
APC Red & White Editions
APC Orange & White Editions
Twisted Candles Editions
Crossword Cipher Editions
Sleuth Book & Cookbook Editions
Sticker Editions
Multi-Scene Editions
APC Blue & Yellow Editions
Flashlight Editions

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