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Nancy's Mysterious Letters Policy

This section of the website featured for several years, letters people wrote in--uncategorized. What I'm doing now, is if anyone wants to send in an e-mail with comments or questions for me to answer, I'm going to combine several e-mails into a Q' & A' at my Nancy Drew Blog with answers and then people can chat and respond back in the comments section. These will also be tagged so they will be categorized in the labels on the right side of the Blog for easy access to a particular subject.

Past "mysterious" letters are archived below. To contact me with questions and comments, please put "Sleuth Letters" in the subject header of your e-mail.

Send letters on any aspect of Nancy or series book collecting. Send questions you have about the series, particular formats, collectibles, etc.. If you have pictures of your collection you want to share, send them!

Letters will be added to the Blog every so often. For purposes of privacy and safety, e-mail addresses or any street addresses and phone numbers if sent will not be posted--only the names of posters.

Letters will not be edited but letters that are inappropriate will not be posted nor responded to. Keep it safe and sane!

E-mail letters here.

Older Letters & Responses:

Dear Jenn,

I recently bought some Nancy Drew books from a garage sale for a steal. They were, however, wrapped in very ugly mack tack! I was able to remove it, but now the cover of the books are very sticky. They are the non-glossy yellow picture cover type. Do you have any ideas on how to get rid of the stick-ness without ruining the cover? Thanks for any ideas!



John Axe in his book, All About Collecting Girls' Series Books, suggests to remove sticky residue left from tape, to: Wipe the area with a paper towel that has been dipped in vegetable oil. Be very frugal with applying vegetable oil to paper; use it only on non-absorbent paper, such as a varnished dust jacket, etc. You might start with a test area of the book and see if it works well.


Nancy Drew and I are close to the same age. I read, I believe all her books. Now, I have a question my friends and I are so puzzled about. What happened to Nancy Drew's mother? None of us can remember her! We are --this group of elderly, loyal Nancy Drew fans waiting to hear. thank you.

Jo Anne Rogers

Not sure, one of the books mentioned she died from a long illness, no specifics. Her last name was Austin though.


I read the Nancy Drew books voraciously as a child in the early 1960’s, so it was most interesting and nostalgic to find your website. Have you ever read “Confessions of a Teen Sleuth” by Chelsea Cain? This is a Nancy Drew parody, and it is quite funny.

Best regards,

Carole Ostlund

I am 13 and have over 100 Nancy Drew books. My mom introduced then to me and I have been reading them ever since. My uncle has really helped me, by finding all the books he can and giving them to me (I even have one from Australia!). I currently have somewhere near 170 Books. I am not really collecting a certain time period. This site has been really interesting! Thanks!



The Originals had 25 chapters, revisions have 20. Only the first 34 books were revised.


Hello Jenn!

I am a huge fan of your website and I visit it all the time for all my Nancy Drew needs and references. It certainly is very handy! I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Katie and I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm 19 and have loved Nancy all my life. I just started collecting Nancy stuff 3-4 months ago and I already have over 100 books! My main collecting goal right now is to get all of the original 25 chapter yellow spine books. I have all the revised ones and have about half of the originals. Eventually, I would like to get lots of dustjacket ones but I have yet to find any in Edmonton, only blue tweeds, and I don't find eBay as fun as hunting through antique malls and used bookstores! I also pick up whatever I can find that is cool, unique, or whatnot. Your website has really given me good information on my collecting with editions and whatnot. Thank you so much for the time you put into your site! I don't think I would be the collector I would be today without the information you have provided me. I have included scans of two Nancy Drew picture books, a purple library edition that you don't have, and a 3 in 1. Thank you again and I'm glad to have introduced myself and added to your amazing collection.


I really enjoy the Nancy Drew Books. I have read a variety of the original 56 collection and find them very entertaining. I just have one quick question about Nancy, Bess and George. It explains in the book that Ned. Burt and Dave attend Emerson College. What about Nancy, Bess and George? What is their plan for schooling if they are 18 years of age. They should be in college but the books don't mention their schooling. Please email me back.


They don't attend college--they are out of high school, but not yet in college, 18 years old. Not being in school yet, allowed them the freedom to travel and go forth and solve mysteries.


Just found your site and love it. Good job. We're a three-generation Nancy Drew family with books from the 50's, 70's and today. Some even share a title but are completely different stories (not just politically correct editorial changes). My daughter just recently discovered Nancy Drew through reading a book from one of the newer series so I unpacked my box of old Nancy Drew books from my childhood. We also have some of my mother's books from her childhood. Rynidgirls
My friends and I LOVE Nancy Drew!
Hello, Jenn.

I just discovered your website and think it's fantastic. I have been a fan of Nancy Drew since the early 1960's when I discovered a book that belonged to a friend's older sister. I was hooked from the minute I picked up the book. In my small collection of Nancy Drew books, I also have a boardgame I received one Christmas and several letters from Carolyn Keene's secretary Edith Blake. I used to write to the author asking questions about her, upcoming Nancy Drew books, etc. and I saved the letters I was sent in response to my questions.

Thanks again for "sharing" your collection.


I used to make Tapping Heels Griddle Cakes for my brother and his friends on Saturdays. They loved them! I have told my kids about them but cannot find the recipe. Would you be able to email it to me? Thanks!

Tapping Heels Griddle Cakes
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 egg
1 cup flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

Beat the milk, butter and egg lightly in a large bowl.

Sift the other ingredients together and add them to the liquid mixture. Stir just enough to dampen the flour. If necessary, add more milk to make the batter as thick as heavy cream.

Lightly grease griddle or skillet. Heat. Sprinkle a few drops of water on it. When the drops "dance" around, the pan is hot enough. Spoon the batter onto the pan. When bubbles start to form on a cake, flip it over with a pancake turner.

Makes 8 cakes.

Clue to Extra Goodness:

Pour honey or maple syrup 1/2 inch deep into a skillet and let it simmer. As the cakes are baked, ease them into the skillet. Cook 15 seconds on each side. Serve with a tablespoon of melted butter or margarine poured on top.

They often have these cookbooks listed at eBay--vintage ones--if you want to purchase it again for a nostalgia trip--also, they have reissued it--just last year. You can order it from Barnes and Noble or! Your local bookstores may even have it.


Dear Jenn,

As a child in the late 60's and early 70's I used to read Nancy Drew. I'm now trying to add to my collection for my daughters and I have a couple of questions. All of my books, which were published around that time frame are of the yellow spine and the picture of Nancy with the magnifying glass on the back cover. Some of the books I am finding on Ebay and other places have the book number printed on the front cover next to the words "Nancy Drew Mystery Stories". None of my books have that number on the front cover. It looks to me like the whole series was ,at one point, published with the number on the front cover. However, I have yet to see any books from number 50 to 56 without that number. So, first, when was that series with the numbers printed on the front cover actually printed and second, were the books numbered from 50 to 56 ever printed without that number?

I have been unable to find the answer to these questions. I never bought the stories numbered from 50 to 56 and would like to get them without the number on the front cover if they ever existed.



The books started being numbered on the cover of these yellow spine picture covers with #51 onward---so 51-56 have them.


Do any of your Nancy Drew books happen to have the name

Cathy S Summers written inside them. They would also have an address and possibly a telephone number listed. The address would have been in New Jersey. WHen my mom was 19 my grandfather sold them at a yard sale and she has been looking for them ever since.

Any help would be amazing.



If anyone has any books with this particular name in them, contact me!


Dear Jen,

I love Nancy Drew. Every christmas time, I put the nancy drew games for the computer on my wish list. I have all but the no. 10 game. I use to read nancy when i was a little girl. I collected a few books of the nancy drew files series, but stoped, then about 2 years ago the store that i got them from went out of business. I know they are are out of print now. I did some searching on the net, and sells some used copies of them. I really like your website. I did read the a book or two of where nancy goes off to college and was confused about why she broke up with Ned. I didn't like that series much, and thanks to your website I now know why she dumped him. I am confused on thier relationship though. In the Nancy Drew files series, one of the books i read he broke up with her, and i know they got back together in another book. Do those two ever get married or do they just date? I know he helps her when she needs help. In the nancy drew game, Curse of the Blackmoor Manor, when she calls him, he seems like just a good friend and not a boyfriend. I think someone should write a book where she has a mystery to slove, he can't be there to help her, and she finally realizes that they can get married and she can still slove mysties with him, bess, geroge and thier mates. I am going to go back to reading nancy drew again and collecting. Thank you for doing this website, i really love it.


Hi, I am glad to find this website. Back in the late “50s, I and my best friend read every Nancy Drew book that was available at that time Could you please tell me which book it was that had the description of the Gypsy camp, in the woods, and the haunting gypsy violin music? I have often wondered about that, because that was the first time my interest in Gypsies began.. Now, for the past three summers, I have lived in Romania, and have been very attracted to the gypsies there, and have been trying to help them in any way I can. Last night, I attended a concert of a woman who is a gypsy violinist, and This music is actually what I have wanted to hear all my life, but never knew how obtain it, even in Romania, and buying lots and lots of Romanian Gypsy CD’s.

If you could email which book this was, I would just love to get it again and re-read it.


It is The Clue in the Old Album.


Hi, I'd like to know if you have information, or if you can direct me to information regarding repro dust jackets. I'd like to begin a collection of books with authentic dj's ordering from E-Bay, and I noticed that one dealer stated her dj's were reproduction. But they looked just like the others! How can anyone tell the difference? Thanks!



There are usually ways to tell, for one thing, a repro would look pristine, and most dust jackets that are really have wear and tear and some flaws, also the type of paper used wouldn't match. For the most part, a dealer will list it as a repro, I've never bought one myself that ended up being a repro when not stated as such. And I've only heard of this happening in few circumstances, but the best thing to do, is to ask a seller if it is a reproduction to make sure. I have heard of some sellers who have naked books and will copy or print a laser dust jacket to go with it, I've never tried this myself. I prefer the original dust jackets for authenticity and value.


I like to tell you that I am glad that "Nancy Drew" is still around. I remember when I was a child those were my favorite books and I have learned so many things from them, just simply being a girl. "Nancy Drew' books help me through hard times. Now that I am 32 I am proud to say my 13 year old daughter found my collection of " Nancy Drew book and she has now began to read them and that is what she likes to do is just red my books. She had to pick a favorite autor to write about and like me she choose "Nancy Drew" So I just want to say thanks for letting little girls try to stay little girls in this now new age ara.

Thank you.

Christine and Nikasha

Dear Ms. Fisher, I have recently decided to start collecting Nancy Drew books since I loved reading them as a child and would like to have them for my future children to enjoy. However going to barnes and noble I was confussed by the fact that I saw more than 56 of the glossy picture cover editions. I was wondering if these were the paperback books that were reproduced into the hard covers I saw.

Thank you for your time.


Yes, they just put those out last year: 57 through 64. These were originally paperbacks, now printed as hardcovers to match the first 56 books. I'm not sure if they will be doing any more past 64.


Your web site has been a godsend. It has helped me with my 'collecting'. I've loved the Nancy Drew books ever since I discovered them in the 4th grade...not gonna say when that was! Now that I'm 'older', I'm trying to get a collection of the original 56 stories. My local book stores and EBay have become great friends.

Your site has helped me figure out which board or end papers or whatever goes with a particular book and so on. However, I have a question about the copyright page in the books from later in the series. I hope I can make it clear what I'm asking. Do the original (1st edition or 1st printing) books list the Library of Congress Card numbers and/or the ISBN numbers? Example: my books from #42 thru #56 all have LCC# only and those from #45 thru #56 have both. Some of these books list to themselves in the booklist on the back cover...making it appear they are 1st's. It's very confusing. Can you help me sort this out?

Keep up the good work.


Hmm, good question.

I checked my first printing yellow spine picture cover books. It looks like they started putting in the Library of Congress number starting with #42 and then starting with #48 they started also putting in the ISBN number.


Do you know what book Danger on Deception Island computer game is based on?


This game was based loosely on the Nancy Drew digest book, #153 Whispers in the Fog.


Hi there...

Just when you think you're starting to understand all the different board covers, endpapers, etc. someone pops up with something new. I can't find any info on this.

Somebody has a yellow picture cover from the 60's but the actual book spine is white. I know some of the older dust jackets have a white spine, but this is the actual book itself. Could this be a goof from publishers? Or were some made that way? Or maybe the yellow spine sat in the sun too long and faded?

Any ideas? Would appreciate any feedback.


Yes, these are sun faded, there never were any white spine picture covers.


A friend and I were discussing the Nancy Drew books and she brought up something I had never heard before. She couldn't remember where she heard it.

She said that in the last book, #56 The Thirteenth Pearl, that on page 178 some books referenced #57 The Triple Hoax. But other books referenced #1 The Secret of the Old Clock. Is this true? If so, which book was published first - the one referencing #1 or #57?

Not Signed

Yes. Early printings reference book #57--one in plain font, the other in italics. They it was changed to just Old Clock due to the fact that G&D lost the right to publish books #57 onward in a lawsuit between 2 publishers and the Syndicate.


What does ‘bet you 23/80’ mean? (RE: In reference to the 1930s Nancy Drew Warner Brothers Movies)


It's slang from that time period--1930s--23.80 was the weekly paycheck amoung given to WPA workers during the Depression. It became an amount used when betting someone or an expression of joking or emphasizing a large amount.


What ever happened to Helen Corning? She was in #1-#4,but she was never mentioned again.The book never even mentioned if she even got married.

Not Signed

I have an article you might be interested in about Helen Corning.


Hi, I'm canadien and I'm 12 years old. I love detective and adventure books. When I found out about Nancy Drew mystery stories, I couldn't stop reading it. I think it is absolutely fantastic. I want to congratulate you for this wonderful site. I can see that you are a real Nancy Drew fan.



Came across your web site and thought I'd send you a very basic, simple question that I haven't been able to find answers. I've looked (as best as I can) through Farah's Guide and have spoken to a couple of rare book dealers who handle early (1930s - 1950s) editions, but no one seems to know:

1. What year did the boards change from the solid blue with orange writing and the orange illustration of Nancy, to the blue tweed boards with Nancy illustrated in black?

2. As far as the dust jackets are concerned, I understand that the original white spine dust jacket format was used from #1 in 1930 to 1950 when the Stratemeyer Syndicate updated the format with the wrap-around illustrated dust jacket with the new cover art by Bill Gillies. And that in 1962, G&D discontinued the dust jackets altogether and went with the pc format. A couple of questions on the DJs: (a) what book started the wrap-around DJ period in 1950 (my guess is #23, Mystery of the Tolling Bell?), and (b) weren't the white spine dust jackets reissued at a later date, and if so, how do you distinguish the reissues with the originals?

I appreciate any information you may have on the history for this period (1930s to 1950s) on these questions. Thanks very much.


Yes, #23 was the first wrap in the sequence, though 1-9 and 11 were also reissued with wraps in 1950.

10, 12-22 stayed in white spine except for 12 which had a wrap issued just before the picture covers came out.

If you mean by later reissue, the Applewood books company in 1991 started doing reproductions of the originals--these are easily distinguishable by the writing and stating this on them. 1947.

I have a chart on this too for each volume at my website so you can see which books came in with format.


I think if a true fan were behind the current Nancy Drew series, we would see a return to the much-loved writing style which was successful for many years and a return to the elements of classic Nancy Drew mysteries. I recall my dismay and disbelief when reading a synopsis on this discussion group about the first book in the GIRL DETECTIVE series where Nancy investigates a smashed zucchini vegetable garden. This is a far cry from the hunt for a missing will, the search for a hidden passage, or a Western adventure in Arizona which were among the elements of the first few books published in 1930. I know the bigger mystery in the first GIRL DETECTIVE book was the theft of a valuable object d'art, the Faberge egg, but the smashed vegetables left me incredulous. Nancy Drew is investigating such a boring mystery?!

Nancy has lost her spark and personality since the books of the early 1990s. The adventure-loving, daring, fearless heroine of the 1930s who spoke frequently spoke "sharply" and "tartly" doesn't not even faintly resemeble the scatterbrained strawberry-blonde of the current series and the recent entries in the classic mysteries.

I feel Simon and Schuster is publishing inferior product hoping to have successful sales based solely on the name Nancy Drew. "A rose might still be a rose by any other name," but "A Nancy Drew by the same name is still not the same Nancy Drew."

It's my fondest dream as a Nancy Drew fan ... the return of Nancy Drew to the classic style era books. Generally, the best books in the series were published between 1930 and 1965.

I'm glad that the Nancy I love and remember is still in print thanks due to Grosset and Dunlap and the Applewood reprints. As someone who dislikes the GIRL DETECTIVE series, I can easily ignore those volumes on the shelves which I consider cast-offs or knock-offs or throw- aways.



I'm a big fan of Nancy Drew since I was a young girl and I really want to thank you, the webmaster, for this beautiful site!! I learn a lot visiting it and it make me love a lot more (if it's possible!) the world of Nancy Drew. Do you think it's possible than soon, someone create a new Nancy Drew TV series???? With real actors or pretty cartoons, it's could be so great!!!! I'm sure a lot of fans would be happy. I know they tried to create one in 2003, but that didn't work... Anyway, I really hope for it. I read you prepare a new book about the 75 years of Nancy Drew and I'm really excited about, I will buy when it will be ready!! Thank's for your great work!


You never know about a TV show--they aren't working on one right now. A Warner Brothers movie is in the works. Hopefully my book will be out in 2006.


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely fabulous your website is. I, too, grew up reading Nancy Drew and "rediscovered" her while in Graduate School at Columbia. Now I have a six-year-old daughter who has become very interested in Nancy and so get to enjoy the books all over again!

I, too, have filled in gaps in my collection through ebay, although my collection pales in comparison to your own. I confine myself to hardback books up to around #44/45. Your info regarding the different artists was great--knew Russell Tandy's name, but not that of the other two. And loved your Nancy Drew Library window--always wanted to compare covert art, not to mention the various versions.

This is the website I wish I could have put together.



Hi out there! I just found this website,and I love nancy drew books- well it may have been a long time since I moved along to other mystery writers , the love of these books started my love for mysterys and I guess thats about all I can say. I am glad to find a club, and see I am not alone in my devotion to Nancy Drew- my favorite book is The Ghost of Blackwood Hall. I think the love of the Nancy mysteries stirred my imagination, and caused me to fanticize a mystery into everything perplexing- and guess I still do. THIS SERIES REALLY STARTED ME READING AS A HOBBY, I think it's a great way to get young people to start enjoying reading. AS AN AVID MYSTERY READER TODAY, I STILL CHERISH THE OLD MEMORIES OF THE NANCY DREW BOOKS, I will respond to all e-mails so write if you wish, I'll answer all e-mails, and we can swap info about current mysteries. Drop a line,and let me know about your NANCY DREW CLUB. THANKS FOR LISTENING TO TO AN OLD DEVOTED FAN,


You can join the best Nancy Drew club out there: The Nancy Drew Sleuths! We have a lot of fun, and are the only club that I've heard of around devoted to Nancy Drew.


First of all, thank you for such a wonderful and informative site. It is truly amazing. I have always loved reading the Nancy Drew books, and when my grandmother died a few years ago I inherited the well-loved collection that belonged to her and then my mother, fleshing it out on my own with various yard sale finds. It remains, however, quite primitive. Until recently I wasn't even aware of the subtle nuances between versions, or that dust jackets even existed. However, I have always known that I loved old books, especially children's series and mysteries, and most especially Nancy Drew. I also have a penchant for collecting things. While browsing ebay one day looking for a book my mom wanted, I noticed a book all about collecting girls series. I was intrigued. At the library a few days later I checked out The Nancy Drew Scrapbook--which I noticed is on your source page--and was hooked. I knew some of the information, but had no idea how vast the market for editions and memorabilia was.


I did in fact make many of the recipes from this cookbook which I received as a gift when I was about 8 years old (1979). One of my favorites was the Crumbling Wall Coffee Cake, which my dad still requests me to make! I remember being too short to reach the mixing bowls and needing my mom's help to make many of the recipes - another family favorite was the recipe for Captive Biscuits. Thanks for your fabulous website full of all things Nancy. At the age of 21, I donated all of my books, including my fabulous cookbook, to my local school. I have regretted it ever since, and I'm in the process of rebuilding my collection.


I lucked up and got a copy of the NDC off Ebay...For my first venture, I tried the Ringmaster's Secret Chicken. It had a rather pleasant taste, definitely different. I would make it again in the future. Also, Miss Hanson's Deviled Eggs were tasty, although they would benefit from the addition of sweet pickle relish mixed in. I would never even venture trying the Bagpipe crunchies after reading the hilarious review on the site (I couldn't stop laughing)... I'd like to try a few more of the recipes, but some of the ingredients are very hard to find these days (such as Maple sugar)...

First I want to say I love your web site. Secondly can you tell me if you know of any "older" Nancy Drew collectors? I read the yellow covers back in the early 1960's........oh now you know how old I am. All of my Nancy's are long gone, but I have been buying them back at flea markets and antique shops. I loved Nancy and would like to start collecting her books, etc. I would like to join your club, but I'm afraid I might be too old.

You're never too old to enjoy Nancy Drew! My fan organization, The Nancy Drew Sleuths, is for the collector, fan and scholar of all ages and we all mesh very well together. For more information on the Sleuths and our annual conventions and activities, click here.


Hi there:

Just finished reading some of your site. I have a theory of where River Heights is myself. I always thought of it in Maryland. Some reasons are that Nancy, Beth and George go to New York an awful lot on the train and there are some inuendos of colored people as servants and alsoslave quarters in some of the books.

Just a thought.


You and many of my website visitors, might enjoy a recent series of articles on River Heights and its possible location. These can be found by checking out The Sleuth, and searching through the archived back issues.


Dear Nancy Drew Fan Club,

I like Nancy Drew books, too. I just finished reading #53 The Sky Phantom. It was very interesting. I am about to start reading #54.



I couldn't find any information about the 3-in-1 Nancy Drew book that I have. It says "Meet Nancy Drew" and has the first 3 books in it. PLMK any info that you may have about this book.




This is the Nancy Drew triple edition, produced in the 1970s. It was not out on the market very long and due to the style of binding used, often is found falling apart with the binding coming undone or endpapers pulling away from the binding. It featured the artwork that the book club type 4 editions, the Twin Thrillers used on the double edition of The Secret of the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase.


Good day, and I hope you don't mind me coming to you with this question. I was doing some online research on Nancy Drew as a possible series to introduce to my oldest daughter, and consequently her younger sister. A little background: My oldest will be nine in October. She is in 2nd grade, and is reading at an accelerated level (so says the school). Her teacher this year challenged the children to read 50 books from the "Caldecott Award" library of books during the school year. She has surpassed that mark weeks ago. She fully and wholly enjoys reading, much as I did at her age and still do when time allows. I have often found her engrossed in a book well past her bedtime as she has lost herself and all track of time in the pages.

The books she brings home are often of a mysterious, dark, or scary nature (to the degree that children's books are) as well as scientific, educational, and informative titles. She also has a wonderful imagination. That being said, and considering her age, level of reading, and enjoyment of books, would you recommend the "Nancy" books for her. Her younger sister is also an excellent reader and is being considered for an accelerated curriculum at school, and would be the secondary benefactor of these books. However, she is much more of the sports, outdoorsy, and rowdy personality and does not approach reading with the same level of pleasure and intensity as her sister. Therefore I am inclined to focus mainly on books for my oldest, and if my youngest enjoys them after the fact then that is just bonus.

I hope that I haven't imposed on you, but you seem to have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the Nancy Drew genre and I would value your opinion on recommendations for my children's reading pleasure/benefit.

Thank you, and good day.

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Nancy Drew books for your daughters! They are very entertaining and fun books. At the same time, they do help with logic and reasoning skills and often there is some elevated vocabular words in the books that children are inspired to look up in their dictionaries. Further, they often included information on the topics involved in the mysteries about animals, foreign lands, and how to information that is good and educational.

In this day and age, children need good role models and Nancy was an exceptionally good role model. The themes in these books--doing good deeds, helping others in need, righting wrongs, and never giving up--are inspiring to kids trying to find their place in this world.

For your youngest daughter, I would recommend the Nancy Drew Notebooks, which are geared for kids ages 5 to 8. These books teach good lessons with each story and they feature Nancy as a child in 3rd grade. They are a lot of fun.

Best wishes and I hope that your daughters enjoy Nancy Drew!


I would like to know why they have not reprinted the first Nancy Drew Paperback Books again. I have read on the internet that the are no longer in print. can you give me a reason why. I would like to collect the rest of these paperback books. I plan to pass the on to a great niece some day. Sherry

These have been out of print for a long time, however, Grosset & Dunlap are about to begin reprinting these early paperbacks in new format in sets of 6 to 8 sometime in the next year. If you would like to hunt down these original paperbacks, used bookstores, flea markets, and antique stores are great places to look. So is eBay!


I have a 1959 board game with all but 2 of the tiny cars. Do you know where I could find replacements?


I am not aware of any website online for game replacements, however from time to time, on eBay, there are sellers selling parts or incomplete games. These sell for less at auction because they are not complete and allow one to complete there game for less. Or you could buy a complete game to replace your missing pieces and then sell off the parts to other collectors who need missing parts.


What a GREAT website! I am on it all the time now! It was such a great surprise to know that other people are as interested in collecting Nancy Drew books as i am. I always noticed the different formats and illustrators, etc, of the books, and was always captivated by them and the changes. Ever since I was a young girl I had set out to figure out the "mystery" of the books and their changing covers, texts, and illustrations. I thought I was the only one who cared though! Ha ha. You have brought so much understanding to me through your website- it would have taken me years to figure out what I was able to read on your site in a day. Thank you for the beautiful and informative website! It has been a pleasure looking through it! Kimberly
I am very puzzled about a nancy drew book that I found at my local library. I rushed home to go on this website to see if I could find out some info on it, but your site offered none. I was wondering if you could help me.

It is a copy of The Clue of the Leaning Chimney, the copyright is 1967, and it is published in Canada, but printed in the United States. It is without its dust jacket--it is just the book, but the outside of the book is not blue, it is green--the best color to describe it would be forest green. No where on the book is the number of which book it is in the series--just the title appears on the cover and inside the book as well. The inside front papers are plain--there are no illustrations on them, yet in the back of the book, on the back of an order form (that goes up to #54, The Strange Message in the Parchment ), appears black and white thumbnail sketches of covers of various books--the same endpapers that appear inside of other books. Yet there aren't both of these illutrated papers back to back as normal--just the first one on the back of the order form.

I have never seen a nancy drew book like this. At first i thought that it was an old library edition, because of the green cover, but your library edition section mentioned nothing with a plain green cover like this has. Do you think you could help me figure out what this book is? your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Kimberly

I mainly feature the more interesting and pictoral library editions on my website in the Library Editions section. There were many library editions that had blank covers--solid colors with no images. Based on the information in your library edition which you have, I'd date it to mid-1970s based on the listing of books.


How come in the Nancy Drew Flies the books some times skip numbers, as an example, #132 The Fox Hunt Mystery is right before #134 The Secret of the Forgotten Cave and they just skip right over #133?

Are you referring to the listing of Nancy Drew books inside the book? If so, the reason that some numbers are skipped is because those books are out of print. The publisher only includes a list of those books in print--at the time that particular book with the list was printed. At present time, there are only so many in print. And with the new Girl Detective series coming out, the older series will fall out of print as soon as demand falls.


Hi Jenn! I love the new look--can't wait to see how the whole site will soon look! Nancy
Hi Jenn! I love your Sleuth site so much! I visit every single day! I hope you will get up the other sections soon!! I've visited a bunch of mystery sites before, but none are as good as yours! Keep up the good work! Krista
I am totally jealous that I didn't think of such a website five years ago. You have done a masterful job with making order out of all the intricacies of your task. I've been collecting four different types of books: the old blue, the tweed, the yellow spine and the lavendar back-to-back books beginning 45 years ago and I am pleased to say that on your site I finally found answers to questions which I've had for 40 years. Thank you very much! You've already made some mention of an area of interest I have, but I think a terrific topic of your website would be those more valuable Nancy Drews. What makes which one more valuable than others? Also, I am having difficulty finding Farrah's Guide. Bookstores think I'm crazy. I'm sure you know where I should turn. I must have missed mention of it on your website. Thank you agian. I'll be back often. Marti

Information to order the very useful Farah's Guide--11th Edition is located on the Source Page ---Jenn:)

Dear Nancy Drew Sleuth - I can only say WOW! Like many, I am a mom with kids, and I am beginning to want to rediscover the wonderful books that so enthralled me as a child. I stumbled across your site, and I am humbled and awed at the amount of information you have amassed and provided to the rest of us. As I continue my journey to slowly collect my memories one or two at a time, I can see that your site will be a frequent stopping place. Best to you, and thank you for all of your work in sharing this wonderful series - in all of its reinventions! - with us. Warmest Regards, Dana
Hi! I just visited your site, and it was great fun!

I have read Nancy since my mom gave me her old books (unfortunately, I read them to death), and now I am a collector. Thank you for the great reference info on your site! It will really help me out. I had an idea of the progression of DJ and board styles, but this helps me map it out even better. Kim

I just thought I would write and say that I am an Australian fan and collector of Nancy Drew! I really like your page! Keep up the good work! I enjoy Nancy's stories because, you won't believe it, but my name is the same as her boyfriend, Ned! Regards, Ned #1 Australian Nancy Drew fan!
Nancy and I have been good friends since 1956. I am 57 and in the process of re-collecting all my books that Mother disposed of when I married! What a neat site, and thanks for the hours you have spent getting it up and running. Carol
Hello, Great site. I'm having fun rediscovering Nancy Drew through the Nancy Drew website and yours, which I discovered when I was reading some messages.

I picked up my first Nancy Drew when I was about 9 or 10 years old, around 1956, The Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion, I think, then discovered one or two old editions in my grandmother's basement, left over from when one of my aunts still lived at home. I believe they are long gone now, but I do remember the orange print on one, and I think it was larger/thicker than newer editions.

I have four old Dana Girls. All four are the size of the current hard-bound Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys books, but one is a 1934 and another is a 1935 copyright. The others are 1959, I think. No dustjackets on any of them. One has a picture/plastic cover and the other three are green tweed with green endpapers.

I also have one Nancy Drew blue cover, not tweed, black print cover with Nancy holding the magnifying glass-she's in walking shoes, not heels, copyright 1948.

In the '50s I purchased all the books available, then gave them to a neighbor's child. In the '70s I repurchased everything for my own daughter, and am now doing the same for my granddaughter. Obviously, a number of other Nancy Drew junkies have done the same, or the books wouldn't continue to be so popular.

Congratulations on finishing law school-and good luck taking your bar exam. Jackie

Found your Web Site while at eBay and bookmarked it. Just now had the chance to spend some time there. Also signed on to NancyDrewFriends at eGroups. This is a wonderful Web Site! I have been trying for the past seven years to rebuild my Nancy Drew library after hving foolishly donated all of my books from my childhood. Only last weds. did I discover eBay ( I have only been on the internet for two months ). When I typed in Nancy Drew and it pulled up 21 pages and over 1000 books my chin dropped to my knees. Blue boards, tweed boards, blue lettering, orange lettering, yellow spines ---- confusion reigned supreme! But in spending only 1 1/2 hours here at your website all the confusion is gone. I now know exactly what I want and what I'm looking for and at. I sat here and carefully looked at the 15 books I aready have and was immediately able to see exactly what I have. Thank you so much. I will be back often.
Hey, I am a very big fan of nancy drew, I collect the books and I also think your site is great. I cant wait till the new sections are up. Can u please try and get the nancy drew traveler section up I cant wait to see it.
Hi Jenn-- first of all..good luck on the bar exam! I'm taking it in July, myself. I stumbled across this site via one of your ebay auctions. What attracted me was the "original text" in the description. I HAD to come to the site of someone who finally mentioned this! For years I thought I must be going crazy. Every other Nancy collector I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about. My mother and I have been collecting these books for awhile now (mostly her effort, of course but I like to think I'm helping), but I'm the only one who's been still reading them. When I started noticing the story was different in some titles in different editions I couldn't believe that noone discussed this more. Thank you for confirming that I am NOT insane! I look forward to your site growing. Keep up the excellent work. April

If anyone is interested is interested in the skinny on original v. revised texts, this information is located at the bottom of my Anatomy of a Series Book section. Click here. Jenn:)
I love and appreciate your site. Thanks for the schedule posting. Best of luck with your bar exam. I'll certainly understand if you fall behind schedule with the site. Wishing you the best! Denise

If anyone is interested in the schedule it can be found at this link. Jenn:)
Hi! I just found your website and I'm so excited!!!!! But, I can't get into any of the informational sites. I just started to complete my childhood library of these books and realize I have so much to learn. Can't wait to learn more. Kelly

The active links on the site are the following: The Library--active sections up--the Digest Mystery stories main pages, and in those, only volume #1, The Secret of the Old Clock, is up right now, and the neat Library Bound Editions section. The other sections: Anatomy of a Series Book, Wants List, Auctions link, Mysterious Letters and letter policy, Legals, Sources, Links, and the Trivia page. Look for the Collectibles Section to be up if not by the weekend, next week! Jenn:)
Hello, You are very ambitious - and we Nancy Drew surfers are the beneficiaries. This is one great sight. I will visit it often. Can you believe I had all the Nancy Drew's when I was a youth and then dumped them when I was in high school!!! Now I am trying to build a new ND library, mostly through e-bay. I attended the Nancy Drew conference in Iowa City in 1993 and acquired several books there (many vendors). Anyway, love your site and will be willing to help out in the future. Thanks for the great job!! --Linda

Any of you Nancy Fans out there who went to the Nancy Drew Conference in Iowa, have any fun stories or experiences to share with the rest of us!? If so, do share and they will be posted! --Jenn:)
THANK YOU for putting together a comprehesive site for the Nancy Drew Series. As a long-time collector, I am anxiously awaiting the remainder of the site to be developed. With so many of the pages "not found," I hope that I am arriving at the beginning of the site and not the end of it's reign. This is a must-see site for any fan of Nancy Drew! Keep up the good work! Sincerely, --Jarrell

The active links on the site are the following: The Library--active sections up--the Digest Mystery stories main pages, and in those, only volume #1, The Secret of the Old Clock, is up right now, and the neat Library Bound Editions section. The other sections: Anatomy of a Series Book, Wants List, Auctions link, Mysterious Letters and letter policy, Legals, Sources, Links, and the Trivia page. I am constantly working on areas of the site--a lot of this is behind the scenes right now, but hope to have some new sections up by the next week or so. Jenn:)
Hi! Came across your site when visiting your item on Ebay. WOW! I understand that it's a work in progress but when you get done... WOW! Might ambitious and one I am looking forward to visiting as you update. Congrats -- looks like you're gonna have THE definitive Drew site! --Scott
Wow! I love your website! I too am a long time fan of Nancy and always wanted to be her. I am 43, but still enjoy reading and re-reading all of the books. I am partial to the older versions, meaning the unrevised yellow books or further back. Thank you SO much for this fantastic site. I know I will enjoy visiting it time and again. Colleen
Hello Jen, I have another question (do you think I would ever run out of them?) If two people are selling the same book (ex:) Mystery of Hollow w/white spine, but orange lettered book and another person is selling the same Mystery of Hollow w/white spine, but blue cover book(tweed) the dj's look exactly the same....but the book is different... #1 - better to bid on the orange book because it's older #2 - it doesn't matter because the dust jacket is the same #3 - what if the orange is a better book but it's (let's say) for sale $50.00 and the blue tweed one is for $25.00?????still buy the orange one???????but what your answer is yes, buy the orange one but the dj is poor and the tweed one is mint?????? HELP!!!!! I get so darn confused....I need a copy of this book and the above is what I tend to find on e-bay......I don't know what to do? Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge...... bye... denise

It really depends on your collecting habits--do you prefer the older blue/orange books? Or do you want a variety of formats of every type? If you want the later then you would want both at some point. If you prefer the older, get the older. I myself collect one of each type of format, so both would interest me. Since the tweed one is mint, I would go for that one right now and then keep looking for a blue/orange book w/ good dust jacket. So, I'd probably go w/ tweed now and then look for better blue/orange w/ dj. Jenn:)
Did I just "stumble upon a clue..."....I see there are ND books the orange writing with plain paper internals (as they are called) and then there are orange writing books with glossy internals??? Is this true???and does that mean the orange ones with glossy are older and a better buy than the other one I mentioned? denise

The first 13 volumes came w/ a glossy frontispiece, and 3 glossy internals. Then at the time of the 5th printing of #13 or 1938, and #'s 14 -17 all came w/ just the glossy frontispiece, no more internals. Then starting w/ #18 in 1941 on up to #31 all the books had plain frontispieces--on the plain paper, still no internal illustrations. Then for #32 -56, and revised text versions of 1-31 as they were revised over time all had plain frontispieces and 5 plain internal line drawings. So, some of the older ones w/ glossys are sought after b/c of the glossy. Also, when the plain frontispieces were introduced starting w/ #18, some of the original glossy frontispieces for #'s 1-17 were revised--the art was changed a little in the plain--updating hairstyles, clothing styles, etc..--this is shown on the Secret of the Old Clock page that is up on the website. Hope this helps. I am going to be working on the formats page on the website this weekend, so a lot of this will be up hopefully soon! Thanks again, jenn:)
Hi, Wow I am a really big Nancy Drew fan I love your website!!!! It is so full of information. I can't wait until you get it finished. It is going to be very neat and full of fun. I have experienced a few problems with it however. When I went to the library section to read about The Secret of the Old Clock, it stopped loading after the summary of Chapter 4 of the original text was done. I could not view Chapter 5 or anything of the revised version. Is it supposed to continue or does everything stop after chapter 4?? I would be happy if you could help me with this. Thanks for a great site!!! (Better than!), Alana

--Just to note: The Old Clock page in the Library Section is working properly now, there was an html glitch that was throwing the loading off. Also, only the first four chapers of the original text are up at this point. The rest of the original text and the revised text and the discussion section will soon follow! Keep checking back. I'll be working on it quite a bit this weekend! Jenn:)
I have been collecting Nancy Drew for over 20 years since reading "Lilac Inn" in fourth grade. It is so great to see that someone is more obsessed than I am! I just got a computer so all of this is new to me, and I was very excited to see your page. Keep up the great work, and I will check up on it often! Thanks again, Karen F.
Jen, I just had to tell you, you are doing a fantastic job with your website! i'm keeping an eye on it to see how it grows! kudos to you!!! Karen B.
I just wanted to say I am "wet behind the ears" when it comes to collecting Nancy Drew. My baby girl is 1 year old last month and I decided to collect these books for her....not an easy task by far and I just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS WEB SITE....YOU HAVE A LOYAL FAN/CUSTOMER........I hope to gain valuable information for myself, hopefully buy some books from you and also since you are helping me, I hope that I can be of service by keeping my eyes open for any books you are needing!!!! Thanks again.....this site (viewed only now by me) has already helped!!!!!!!!so nice of you to help others! bye. Denise
This is a very impressive website which is a great service and tool for all of us who know and love Nancy. The graphics are beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest of the links. Thanks, Susan
I've been an avid Nancy Drew fan since I was 10 - 37 years ago! I have many of my blue tweed books from then and started finishing the set in 1988. It was slow going until I found ebay - then it didn't take me long to finish up! Kind of took the fun out of looking, but... Again - looking forward to browsing your site - I'll keep checking back. Deb

Looks like this is gonna be a neat site...have put it among my "favorites" and will check back to see whats happening. I admire you for taking on such an ambitious project...Good luck in making everything come together, your format looks great and I look forward to seeing to what happens. Best Regards, Robbie

Thanks for the great web sight!!!! I will visit often. Regards, Rebecca

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