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2004 Today Show Screen Caps:

The NBC Today Show sent a freelance crew out to interview and film me about my collection. I had most of it in storage as I am in between moves, however we "clean sweeped" a room and brought in shelves to set everything up. Many items were brought out of storage that are now sadly back in an area storage facility so I miss them. However, it was great to see the collection as a near whole--not nearly everything was brought out as there was not enough room, but each item shown is very representative of the main bulk of the collection. And it grows weekly.

The segment, part of a whole feature on Nancy Drew's® popularity, aired on Saturday, February 28th, 2004 as part of the NBC Weekend Today Show. They had several segments to it: Simon and Schuster's Rick Richter spoke about the series, they showed pictures of my collection interspersed with photos from the publisher of the new series, showed file footage (from earlier NBC segments on Nancy Drew) of Millie Benson--which included footage from her retirement and while she was interviewing me on the phone while working at her computer which I thought was cool! Also shown were Millie's niece Linda, and a family with twins who read the books (don't have screen caps of this), and then interviewing me and having me show some of my collection.

The following are some screen caps from the segment. (If any pictures come up as a box with a red 'x' inside, just hold your mouse over the box and right click, and select something to the effect of "show picture" or "view picture.")

Today Show Segment Screen Caps:

Campbell Brown Introduces Segment
S&S Rick Richter
Millie Benson article photo
Millie Benson: At work
Millie Benson: At work 2
Millie Benson: At work 3
Card Sleuths sent Millie
Millie's niece Linda
Jenn Interviewed
Jenn Interviewed 2
Jenn's Collection
Jenn's Collection 2
Jenn and Collection
Jenn and Collection 2
Jenn and Collection 3
Jenn and Collection 4

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