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2004 Nancy Drew Today Show Set Up:

The NBC Today Show sent a freelance crew out to interview and film me about my collection. I had most of it in storage as I am in between moves, however we "clean sweeped" a room and brought in shelves to set everything up. Many items were brought out of storage that are now sadly back in an area storage facility so I miss them. However, it was great to see the collection as a near whole--not nearly everything was brought out as there was not enough room, but each item shown is very representative of the main bulk of the collection. And it grows weekly.

The segment, part of a whole feature on Nancy Drew's® popularity, aired on Saturday, February 28th, 2004 as part of the NBC Weekend Today Show. UPDATED: View screen caps from the segment!

The following are views of my collection starting with a shot of the whole thing as set up and then individual shelf groupings, the tops of the shelves, and collectible displays. Following the smaller images below which you can click on for large images, are some notes on the collection. And if any picture comes up as a box with a red 'x' inside, just hold your mouse over the box and right click, and select something to the effect of "show picture" or "view picture."

Jenn's Collection:

Whole Collection
Shelf 1 ab
Shelf 1 c
Shelf de
Shelf 2 ab
Shelf 2 cd
Shelf 2 e
Shelf 3 ab
Shelf 3 cd
Shelf 3 e
Shelf 4 ab
Shelf 4 cd
Shelf 4 e
Shelf 5 ab
Shelf 5 cd
Shelf 5 e
Shelf 6 ab
Shelf 6 cde
Shelf 7 Full
Top Collectibles 1
Top Collectibles 2
Top Collectibles 3
Top Collectibles 4
Top Collectibles 5
Collectibles 6
Collectibles 7
Collectibles 8
Collectibles 9
Me & Today Show Crew
(kind of fuzzy)
Me & Mom

The following are notes about the above images by shelf:

Shelf 1 a and b: featuring red and white private eye diaries, sportscaster card, Nancy Drew's Guide to Life, Nancy Drew Cookbook, new Girl Detective books including some advance copies, press kit, goodie bag from publisher Simon & Schuster with t-shirt, sunglasses, Her Interactive game, books, promo postcard.

Whole Collection: shot of all shelves and collectibles on top from far corner angle.

Shelf 1 c: featuring Harriet Adams signed The Invisible Intruder, miniature books and jewelry items, charms, handbag, engraving from 2nd art to The Hidden Staircase, and plaque from Sleuths members.

Shelf 1 d and e: featuring 2 book/record sets, puzzle, 2 handmade booklets with images from book covers, a raincoat from Fred with art from The Bungalow Mystery, computer games and activity books.

Shelf 2 a and b: white spine dust jackets and wrap spine dust jackets.

Shelf 2 c and d: wrap spine dust jackets and yellow spine picture covers.

Shelf 2 e: calendars and audio tapes.

Shelf 3 a and b: yellow spine picture covers.

Shelf 3 c and d: digest paperbacks Wanderers to Minstrels

Shelf 3 e: fan club material from the 70's, glossy flashlight pc set with bookmark, glossy flashlight set in black box with flashlight on side, dvd with movie, 12 postcard book, and activity book.

Shelf 4 a and b: digest paperbacks Minstrels to Aladdins.

Shelf 4 c and d: digest paperbacks spin-offs to Aladdin digest paperbacks, blue books with orange silhouettes, Ivory Charm in dj.

Shelf 4 e: Nancy Drew®/Hardy Boys® fan club ad on back of comic book, Supermag with 70's TV show articles, book ad, coloring book, 2 picture books, all activity/puzzle books.

Shelf 5 a and b: Files paperbacks.

Shelf 5 c and d: Super Mysteries, On Campus, River Heights, and Notebooks paperbacks.

Shelf 5 e: magazine with articles on Nancy Drew®, reference books and books about Nancy. Mystery Box.

Shelf 6 a and b: book club editions, hardcover Files and River Heights, library editions.

Shelf 6 c, d, and e: tall twin thrillers, foreign editions, boxed paperback sets, glossy flashlight picture covers and glossy flashlight Scholastic picture covers, Smithmark 3 in 1, triple edition, Files/River Heights book set, Black Beauty favorite classic, Baby-Sitter's Club book with Nancy book on cover, Nancy Drew ® and Hardy Boys® Meet Dracula, ND/HB books by Peggy Herz.

Shelf 7 full: Mildred A. Wirt Benson books(some) and some books illustrated by Russell H. Tandy as well as a few other girls' series books.

Top of Shelves from left to right and around: Treasure Chest set of glossy flashlight pcs from Readers Digest, Haunted House gift set with matte yellow spine picture covers, Sleuth Madonna's Nancy Drew doll from Lilac Inn, mini shelf with mini books, Nancy Drew Sleuth Book, bookends and Applewood books, Bonita Granville Whitman mystery book, flyer from movie theater advertising Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, Nancy Drew, Detective lobby card(Repro), 70's TV show costume, lunchbox, Cartoonarama, 1957 game(1959 version located off on table elsewhere and in some shots above on bookshelves), cereal box reproduction of Lucky Charms where activity books were advertised.

Desk area near shelves: Gumshoe Girls' overnight bag, handbag, T-shirts, Girl Detective T-shirt, large blowup of Without a Trace. , CD of Nancy Drew® music, lanterns in Nancy colors, flag with silhouette from Sleuth member Rick and signed from some members, 3 posters--1993 Nancy Drew® Conference, play, Millie Benson display and presentation, and mask that looks like a 1930's flapper Nancy.

Picture with me and my mom and also me and the Today Show freelance crew(this one is kind of fuzzy unfortunately.)

Once moved in the near future, I hope to have the whole collection set up in its own room with wall to wall built in shelves that are sized to the books with glass doors, and much more of the paper ephemera framed that couldn't be displayed for the filming.

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