Nancy Drew® Glossy Yellow Spine Library Editions:

These are a new edition of Library volumes I have discovered recently. They are the same as the yellow spine picture cover editions, but are glossy, have solid yellow back covers--similar to the bce pcs. The lettering on the top yellow band of the front cover and the spine is green. This particular volume shown is of volume #10, Password to Larkspur Lane--the only one of these I have come across at this time. At the time this library volume was created, Larkspur Lane had begun being published w/ the yellow band at the top. Therefore, I would suspect that some of these library edtions are early 1980's. The card and envelope in my book has the earliest date of 1981 on it. The back cover has a logo and says 'Perma-Bound'. Do not confuse the term 'glossy' as used to describe these library editions, with the 'glossy flashlight' pcs still available today. These are not those at all.

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