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2015 Drew-O-Ween: October 24-25
Queen Creek, AZ

Attend my 3rd annual Drew-O-Ween this October - a hauntingly mysterious celebration of Nancy Drew, Halloween, and all things spooky! It's the 7th annual Nancy Drew party that I'll be giving this year too.

Calling All Sleuths & Nancy Drew Fans!
Drew-O-Ween Schedule of Events:

Saturday Oct. 24 - Jenn's 7th Annual Nancy Drew Halloween Party - will kick off this 3rd annual Drew-O-Ween. You're invited to the Velvet Mas-Clue-Rade at Jenn's infamous annual Nancy Drew party, dinner, Nancy Drew treat bag exchange, and mystery challenge. Optional Party Activities: Come in costume as your favorite Nancy Drew or series book character & make a Nancy Drew theme treat container filled with treats for the gift exchange--see images from past Halloween Parties at my Nancy Drew Blog!

Sunday Oct. 25 - Lunch at Joe's Farm Grill, featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Get cupcakes from their coffee shop created from the Cup Cake Wars winning owners. Plus Nancy Drew Halloween activities and a mystery challenge, dinner at Grimaldi's (Italian/Pizza) and then some fall festivities and a spooky evening corn maze challenge.

How to Register:

Fill out the registration form and mail it in with your check, money order, or credit card info--you can also e-mail this as a Word File or PDF file. E-mail the form here - If mailing in, send to this address:

Jennifer Fisher
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128

Click here for the links to the registration form:

Word File Registration Form
PDF File Registration Form

Registration Due by Sept. 15, 2015.

Registration is $35.00 per person which includes:

  • Nancy Drew Loot Container with tricks and treats!
  • Fall Activity/Corn Maze Tickets

*The Nancy Drew Velvet Mas-Clue-Rade Halloween Party, dinner, & favors are my treat to you!*

HOTEL INFO: Best Western Legacy Inn & Suites recommended as it's nearby all the activities. Address: 4470 S. Power Road, Mesa AZ - call 480-457-8181 to make reservations. Or check out their website and book online.

How to Get Here - Airports & Airport Shuttle:

We have 2 airports in the Phoenix area--the traditional Phoenix Sky Harbor and also a smaller one nearby Queen Creek & Mesa where you can fly in on Allegiant or Spirit Airlines--Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. You can check into flying into this smaller airport as sometimes it's just as cheap and very close by to all of our main activities plus it's easy in and out for access!

Airport Shuttles: Nearby hotels service the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport and offer free shuttle. For shuttle from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport - we recommend Super Shuttle.

Have any questions? E-mail me here.

Past Halloween Party Images:

Here's some images from my last four annual Nancy Drew Halloween Parties - see the whole set up and lots more images by checking out my Nancy Drew Blog!

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