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Nancy Drew Modern Collectibles & Merchandise

Nancy Drew's popularity over the last 80+ years has led to a new market for modern collectibles and merchandise. Simon & Schuster has licensed the character and likeness for some great collectible products. Nancy Drew is an expanding brand with many possibilities in store for the future. Check out the current collectibles on the market below and then view recent modern collectibles that are no longer available. For those items no longer in production, you can often find them on eBay. I have a range of some of these items in my Sleuth Shop here at this website for sale!

For more information on the Audio tapes of Nancy Drew books, click here. If you want the latest news on these collectibles and about the various book series, visit the Nancy Drew News section.

Modern Collectibles Currently Available:

Visit Grosset & Dunlap:

In 1973, The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking was published by Grosset & Dunlap. For the 75th anniversary in 2005, they reprinted it. Also reprinted, are the first 56 volumes in the classic series. Two collectible 3-in-1 volumes were issued featuring six of the classic stories. The first eight paperbacks, volumes 57-64, that Simon & Schuster published have been reprinted in the glossy flashlight hardcover style. In 2007, they reissued The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book and two new collectibles: Nancy Drew Pocketbook Mysteries and The Lost Files of Nancy Drew. September 2009--released a new repackaging of the first six flashlight books with a classic nod to vintage Drew!

Visit Outset Media - Cobble Hill:

Outset Media - Cobble Hill created a super fun classic Nancy Dew book covers puzzle that came out in 2015 featuring all 56 Nancy Drew covers in print. Coming out in 2017 are 2 new styles of puzzles featuring classic covers and quotes and vintage Russel H. Tandy covers. You can purchase puzzles in The Sleuth Shop.

Visit Paper Studio Press:

Paper Studio Press has created a great set of vintage art Nancy Drew Paper Dolls featuring outfits from books from the 1930s to 1950s designed by Darlene Jones. Release Date: Nov. 2011. You can order them here at The Sleuth Shop.

A second set of Paper Dolls was released Nov. 2012 - Nancy Drew & Friends focusing on Nancy Drew and her chums Bess, George, and Ned and even featuring Nancy's dog Togo. These can also be ordered in The Sleuth Shop. Here are sample images:

Visit Alicia Klein:

Alicia Klein has released a great set of leather accessories including flip top business card cases, a taxi wallet, a kindle cover, and a nice bookmark.

These are great quality products--and they feature some cute quotes from several Nancy Drew books including my Clues for Real Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew book.

Visit Out of Print Clothing:

Out of Print Clothing has come out with a nifty line of Nancy Drew tees, hoodies and totes.

They feature vintage images that blend into the shirts-like the vintage Nancy Drew book covers. They also carry a lot of other literary theme shirts too. Check them out!

Visit Officially Licensed Nancy Drew Merchandise from the Nancy Drew Sleuths

The Nancy Drew Sleuths fan club has licensed Nancy Drew for a great line of nostalgic merchandise: journals, purses and bags, charms, watches and jewelry, stationary, handcrafted items in The Drewtique, and scrapbooking crafts. Shop & Sleuth in Style at The Sleuth Shop.

They also have created a great line of Tees, Shirts, totebags, mugs, mousepads, pins and magnets, greeting cards, and much more--visit their Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop to order. Their annual Nancy Drew Conventions provide great theme items at the Cafe Press shop too.

Visit Dynamite Comics:

Debuting March 2017 is a comic series from Dynamite, Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys - The Big Lie - a six part series written by Anthony Del Col and illustrated by Werther Dell'Edera. It's a modern take on the classic series with a noir feel yet stays true to the characters while sending them on a journey through the seedy underbelly of Bayport on the trail of Fenton Hardy's killer. With a name like "The Big Lie" there's obviously more than meets the eye...

Visit has issued 14 different styles of Nancy Drew debit cards! Click on the images to purchase these cards.

Visit Litographs:

Litographs has created a clever line of Nancy Drew book text (Old Clock) products that reproduce the text from Old Clock and use the Nancy Drew silhouette as well in the design.

They currently have a scarf (not pictured), totebag, poster, and t-shirt available in various styles and colors.

Visit Her Interactive: Nancy Drew Computer Games

Her Interactive produces the innovative and thrilling games where Nancy Drew® comes to life--two games produced per year! Visit their website to order!

Modern Collectibles No Longer in Production:

Moda Fabrics

Moda Fabrics licensed a line of Nancy Drew Get a Clue Fabric, but it is no longer produced - they did one print run. The fabric was really neat though and lots of fun colorful prints were produced. Fans lamented the lack of the really vintage 30s/40s art and hoped a 2nd line might utlize that but that never materialized.

You can find the fabric sometimes online at sites like Etsy or eBay among others. You can find lots of fun items made from this fabric in The Drewtique.

Visit Literarture: Nancy Drew® Reproduction Dust Jackets!

They will be issuing dust jackets for all 56 Nancy Drew® classic books. What this means for savvy collectors, is that books 39-56 will now have a fun "fantasy" dust jacket. These books came out only in a yellow spine picture cover. (With the exception of some foreign editions.) What a great collectible--you can order them at their website. Each month new book dust jackets will be available--keep in mind, these come in limited edition sets of 200 for each jacket issued, so don't wait too long to purchase, they'll be snapped up quick!

Visit Book Bagz:

Book Bagz is a new licensee of Nancy Drew and they've created a fabulous line of hand bags that look like books.

They have created six styles of Nancy Drew bags. You can purchase direct at their website.

Visit Popcorn Posters:

Popcorn Posters issued neat vintage art Nancy Drew posters and magnet sets: The Secret of the Old Clock, The Clue in the Diary, Nancy's Mysterious Letter, The Quest of the Missing Map, The Secret in the Old Attic, and The Mystery at the Sky Jump. They are no longer being produced. Shop what's left at the Sleuth Shop.

Visit Jen's Ideas:

Jen's Ideas has come out with a super line of Nancy Drew commemorative Shirts--tees and hoodies.

Jen has an 80th Anniversary theme as well as WWNDD? Very clever. Plus the Nancy Drew silhouette.

They feature cute quotes from Nancy Drew books including my Clues for Real Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew book.

Tonner Doll Company

Tonner Doll Company: Nancy Drew® Doll. There are several outfits shown here along with a neat accessory kit--click on the images for larger views. This doll has a contemporary look to her yet a classic clothing style look too--similar to the Emma Roberts Nancy Drew® character in the recent Nancy Drew® movie.

Visit American Girl: Molly's Nightstand Necessities

The American Girl, Molly, has her own little mini Nancy Drew® book, The Quest of the Missing Map, which has the original art dust jacket from 1942 and even includes some text inside! This mini book comes in a set of nightstand accessories. There is a retired set that is different from the current set in these ways: old style of lamp, didn't have the trading cards or the clock. Both sets are very collectible! There is also a little Molly card in the stores that features the set--the slip you take to order.

The Nancy Drew Boardgame

Quincy MacShane of Sutherland Games LLC, created the clever Nancy Drew Boardgame and financed it through Kickstarter.

It smartly features fun trivia questions from the classic Nancy Drew books and the infamous Nancy Drew silhouette.

There were cute playing pieces which were little mystery icon charms.

As you answered questions, you collected book card throughout the game.

Just released is volume 1 of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, featuring the episode Spring Break Adventure in which "Indy and his girlfriend Nancy Stratemeyer, whose father created the Nancy Drew mystery series, visit the fascinating laboratory of inventor Thomas Edison." Of course this is fictional, as Edward Stratemeyer didn't have a daughter named Nancy, however with the release of these Young Indiana DVDs, the filmmakers put together some really nice companion historical documentaries on the various people and places in the episodes. They put together one on Edward Stratemeyer, "The Mystery of Edward Stratemeyer." Fellow collector and researcher James Keeline and I provided quite a few images for the documentary and are credited. I recommend the DVD, as this is the first documentary put together on Stratemeyer. Click on the banner at left to view more information and order.

Visit THQ: Nintendo DS:

THQ has 2 games out for Nintendo DS:

The Hidden Staircase and The Model Mysteries.

Hidden Staircase is based upon the classic book and Model Mysteries is based upon one of the modern Nancy Drew Girl Detective books.

Visit Officially Licensed Nancy Drew Fabric From Moda

The Sleuth Shop is currently carrying some of the Moda Nancy Drew Fabric line including layer cakes and charm packs! Moda created a nostalgic Nancy Drew line of fabrics released December 2012 in one print run only--get it while you can! Contact Moda in the link above and request more and newer styles. The more interest they get, the more likely they might produce more.

Visit Majesco: Nintendo DS:

New from Majesco are 2 Nancy Drew games for Nintendo DS: The Secret of Olde World Park and The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society.

Visit 2007 Nancy Drew Movie Collectibles:

For more information on the 2007 Warner Brothers Nancy Drew Movie Merchandise/Promo Collectibles, click on the movie logo!

There were lots of fun items produced in connection with the movie, some still available.

A sequel does not appear to be in the works at this time.

Visit Poof-Slinky

Poof-Slinky has created a fun decoder puzzle for Nancy Drew:Girl Detective, Without a Trace.

Universe Publishing/Rizzoli:

Universe Publishing, a division of Rizzoli International Publications will be publishing a 2010 Nancy Drew engagement calendar. This licensed calendar will be chock full of full-color classic covers and art featuring Nancy Drew, her friends Bess and George, and their many adventures. The calendar will be published in August 2009 and available for purchase online and at retailers nationwide.

Visit Applewood Books:

(FYI: Don't let anyone kid you, these are not rare or scarce!) Applewood Books reprints the original text Nancy Drew® and the Hardy Boys® books. Just as you remember them! These reprints are great in that you can get a visual of what Nancy looked like back in the early years of the series as well as get a feel for the quaint style of the writing from that period. They reprinted the first 21 Nancy Drew® books and quit printing them for several years. It is rumored that they will begin printing the first 5 in the future but no other titles.

Visit Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is producing post cards (cover shown above), a journal, and a fold-and-mail set (shown above) using Nancy Drew® images. Currently available: address book, journal (2 styles), notepads, and notecards. A fellow collector and I were pleased to have books in our collections used for the production of these items. Shop this selection at the Sleuth Shop.

Mattel: Tangled Tales Game and Reading Card Deck

Mattel created a neat electronic reading game called Tangled Tales. The official blurb: "This cool, new hand-held electronic reading game lets kids determine the outcome of their favorite stories by choosing what path the characters will take. Kids can make the game different every time they play! Includes a deck of 79 original story cards and a deck of ten Easter egg story cards, one memory card and instructions." You can get different Tangled Tales Adventure Decks to use with the game. One is a Nancy Drew® game: Nancy Drew: Mummy's the Word. The synopsis for this game: "Step into the shoes of Nancy Drew, girl detective...

Nancy Drew® Calendars

Two calendars were produced by Andrews McMeel for 2003 and 2004. A 2006 wall calendar from MeadWestvaco was produced--front and back shown above.

American Greetings

For the 2005 Holiday season, American Greetings has produced a fabulous 3-D Nancy Drew® ornament.

Gumshoe Girls:

The Gumshoe Girls produced a line of exciting and glam Nancy Drew® clothes and accessories: Charm bracelets, handbags and bags, fabric, loungefpants, and pajamas! These and the great line of Nancy Drew fabric they produced unfortunately are no longer in production.

Visit Simon & Schuster: Nancy Drew: Girl Detective

Simon & Schuster has been licensing Nancy Drew to other companies, but has produced some promotional items which are very collectible:

  • Press Kit: Goodie Bag with press packet, T-Shirt, sunglasses, books, Her Interactive Game (shown above)
  • Event Kit with Poster, tattoos and mystery invite business cards
  • Promotional Postcard (found in Her Interactive Computer Games)
  • Blowup Poster of the cover of the first four books, including volume 1, Without a Trace
  • Contest Bookmarks in the back of volumes 2-4
  • Book display stands
  • Nancy Drew® Watch

Specialty Board Games:

Specialty Board Games has created a great Nancy Drew® party game based on the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series. The first game is titled, One Step Ahead.

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