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Nancy Drew Clue Book Series

The Nancy Drew Clue Book series was launched in July 2015. It is actually a relaunch of the Nancy Drew & The Clue Crew series.

The basic premise is the same - we have a young eight-year-old Nancy Drew solving mysteries around the neighborhood and at school/etc. They are published in hardcover and paperback.

A synopsis for the first book:

Help Nancy and her friends find out who’s causing a major pool party problem in this first book in an all-new, interactive Nancy Drew chapter book series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!

Snooty Deidre Shannon writes in her blog “Dishing with Deidre” that since eight is half of sixteen, she’s entitled to a Super Sweet Half-Sixteen party this year! And since the Shannons have a pool, she’s decided to make mermaids her theme. Nancy, Bess, and George are invited to the big bash, where all party guests must dress in under-the-sea-themed costumes.

For her grand entrance, Deidre dresses as a mermaid and is carried out on a giant half-shell by six teenage “sea creatures.” The garden boasts hedges clipped into the shapes of various types of ocean life. Deidre’s father even booked “Queen Mermaid Marissa” to perform in their pool—fin and all.

But when a squirmy snake is found swimming in the pool too, Queen Marissa leaves in a huff! Who would sabotage the mermaid pool performance? Nancy, Bess, and George intend to find out!

Clue Book Titles:

1. Pool Party Puzzler (July 2015)
2. Last Lemonade Standing (July 2015)
3. A Star Witness (November 2015)
4. Big Top Flop (March 2016)
5. Movie Madness (July 2016)
6. Pets on Parade (November 2016)
7. Candy Kingdom Chaos (March 2017)
8. World Record Mystery (October 2017)
9. Springtime Crime (March 2018)
10. Boo Crew (September 2018)
11. The Tortoise and the Scare (March 2019)
12. Turkey Trot Plot (October 2019)
13. Puppy Love Prank (March 2020)
14. The Big Island Burglary (July 2020)
15. The Great Goat Gaffe (March 2021)
16. Duck Derby Debacle (July 2021)
17. Recipe Ruckus (March 2022)

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