The Secret of the Golden Pavilion

The Secret of the Golden Pavilion, was first published in the regular Nancy Drew® series in 1959.

In 1959, the Nancy Drew Readers Club premiered and its promotional volume was Velvet Mask. Since it was the promotional volume it is more widely available than the other 12 cameo editions. It only cost club members 10¢, while other volumes each month would be $1.49 each. Golden Pavilion was published in the Cameo format in 1960 along with 5 others from that 1960 set. The volumes from the 1960 set are harder to find than the ones from the 1959 set.

The dust jacket featured the art shown at left by Polly Bolian which was also the same art used for the frontispiece. The covers as shown above were grey and the spine was greyish-blue in color. The ribbon holding the Cameo was purple and the endpapers featured the same purple colored ribbon. Shown below are the endpapers and an ad for the cameo editions:

There were 8 line drawings throughout the text on two pages each. The text started on page 7 and due to the larger size of the pages the pages do not match up the same with the regular book version. Click on the thumbnails below to view these fine drawings by Polly Bolian:

Pgs 28-29
Pgs 60-61
Pgs 84-85
Pgs 108-109
Pgs 120-121
Pgs 142-143
Pgs 164-165
Pgs 176-177

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