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Nancy Drew Book Identifications Policy

Due to the large number of requests to identify printings of various Nancy Drew books and give estimates on value, I have unfortunately had to institute the following policy. I will help you decipher what you have for a small fee--on a sliding scale:

Fee Chart:

1-5 books: $5.00
6-12 books: $10.00
13-25 books: $15.00
26-40 books: $25.00
41+ books: $35.00 for the 41 plus $5.00 for each additional 10 books on top of that.

You can send the appropriate fee via Pay Pal to or you can e-mail me to send you a Pay Pal invoice or about sending a check or money order.

I am not a certified appraiser, mind you, but I will be willing to take a look at what you have, if you have scans, photos or can just effectively describe what you have. I am very experienced in collecting Nancy Drew books and memorabilia, therefore, based on your descriptions and a printing guide, I can give you printing information and an estimate on value. I will only value/identify Nancy Drew books, I don't have guides on other series and will only value/id Nancy Drew. I won't value paperbacks either--these are typically worth around $1.00 to $5.00 each in good shape.

Here is what you need to do:

Check out my Formats section on the website to get an idea of dates and pictures to help you organize the following information for me:

1. Identify, for each book, the type that it is--blue hardcover with or without dust jacket or yellow spine picture cover. (See below for more information on how to identify these.)

2. Identify the endpapers which are pictorial scenes pasted right inside the covers.

3. If it has a dust jacket(DJ), identify the following:

a) On the DJ's front inside flap, what is the series advertised and what is the last listed book?

b) On the DJ's back inside flap, what is the series advertised and what is the last listed book?

c) On the back of the DJ, what is the series advertised and what is the last listed book?

4. If the book is a blue hardcover book, identify the following:

a) Are there any listings of books inside the front of the book other than a list on the copyright page? If so, what is the series and how many books are listed--count each title and give me the numerical count.

b) Are there any listings of books in the back of the book after the story ends? If so, in order of the lists, give me the series advertised and the number of each book listed for that series for each page of advertising.

5. If the book is a yellow spine picture cover, identify the following:

a) On the back of the book, what is the last listed book--either at the bottom of the right-hand column or centered below the left and right columns if there is one that is centered. If the last title listed is the Nancy Drew Cookbook, then also give me the title listed right before that--I'll need both.

b) Inside the book, before the story begins around the title and copyright pages, is there a listing of Nancy Drew and Dana Girls Books?

If so also give me the title of the last listed book for each series listed.

c) Inside the book at the back after the story ends, is there a listing of any series or an order form? If so, please state if it is a list of books or an order form and then give me the series listed and the last listed book in the list or order form.

Again, to help you decipher what a blue board, dust jacket, endpaper, and yellow spine picture cover are like, please visit my Anatomy of a Series Book section by clicking here. I have many pictures in this section that will visually help you identify the format and style of book you have.

Lastly, I won't value/ID paperbacks, but if you do have paperbacks, look on the copyright page. Does it have sequence of numbers from 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ? If so, it's a first printing. Some printings require further information to identify. There is a paperback guide out for only $5.00 that will help you identify paperbacks and I can pass that source along to you, if you have paperbacks.

If you are interested in having me identify your books, please e-mail me here.

I'd prefer you to just type your information into your e-mail form. Just start a list with the Book's title and then list the relevant info from the above questions under that and so on and so forth. I prefer this to sending me files and attachments. You don't need to take photos, most of the time I can ID books based on the above criteria. If I need a photo I'll let you know.

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