The Dust Jacket and Picture Cover Illustrations:

The classic illustrations that a lot of collectors have fallen in love with are the Russell H. Tandy cover art. For more information about Russell H. Tandy and his series book illustrating, visit the Russell H. Tandy: Portraits of the Sleuth section. The Bill Gillies covers were only used for a few volumes. The Rudy Nappi covers used for many volumes and revised art versions have some changes in the later volumes starting around volume #44, The Clue in the Crossword Cipher. Beginning with Crossword Cipher is a transgression from cover art of a descriptive scene--Nancy and or her chums sleuthing in a place to the theme of Nancy surrounded or in front of some element of the mystery. They have less of a scene going on and are more like images. A classic example is volume #51, The Mystery of the Glowing Eye. The glaring eye along with Nancy's face on the cover are quite prominent.

Shown above on the left is the 1st art to volume #10, The Password to Larkspur Lane by Russell H. Tandy. Shown above in the middle is the 2nd cover art to volume #9, The Sign of the Twisted Candles by Bill Gillies. Shown on the right above, is the 3rd cover art to volume #1, The Secret of the Old Clock by Rudy Nappi.

Every cover art for the first 34 volumes has been revised over time by either Bill Gillies, Rudy Nappi, or both. Volume #'s 35-56 have just one cover art by Rudy Nappi. To view all the cover art in the classic Nancy Drew series and check out other series and spin-offs, visit the Nancy Drew Books section.

The following table is a breakdown of which illustrator painted which cover art for the first 34 volumes. T is for Tandy, G is for Gillies, and N is for Nappi. You'll note a "?" mark for the 1st cover art to The Clue of the Broken Locket. This is because this cover is not like Tandy's over covers--and isn't signed as usual by him. While he did the internal illustrations, research behind the scenes points to someone else having done the cover--best guess at this time is Norman Braley who illustrated some of the Outdoor Girls series books around that time period. The artist was not a woman--for the letters behind the scenes refer to the artist as a "he" thus ruling out Pelagie Doane who illustrated the Judy Bolton series and who was suspected of having done this one. More on that mystery in my upcoming book...

Volumes: 1st Art: 2nd Art: 3rd Art: 4th Art:
1 T G N -
2 T G N -
3 T G N -
4 T G N -
5 T G N -
6 T G n/a -
7 T G n/a -
8 T G N -
9 T G N -
10 T N N -
11 ? G N N
12 T N N -
13 T N N -
14 T N N -
15 T N N -
16 T N N -
17 T N N -
18 T N N -
19 T N N -
20 T N N -
21 T N N -
22 T N N -
23 T N N -
24 T N N -
25 T N n/a -
26 T N n/a -
27 G N n/a -
28 G N n/a -
29 G N n/a -
30 N N n/a -
31 N N n/a -
32 N N n/a -
33 N N n/a -
34 N N n/a -

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