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American Publishers Corp. Library Editions:

The American Publishers Corporation Library Editions are my second favorite library editions. These green and white editions all come in a deep olive green for the most part, however there are some volumes as shown below that are a more bright green. All have black/white outlined pictures on the cover from the dust jacket/picture cover art. All cover artists' art--Russell Tandy, Bill Gillies, and Rudy Nappi are used for these. Most have the original texts inside. White Multi I and II endpapers are bound inside.

The Spine has no picture symbol on it. The back cover has the American Publishers Corp. logo and address.

What is interesting to note is that some of these volumes used the frontispieces inside as the cover art instead of the volume's actual cover art. Examples below are for volumes #44, The Clue in the Crossword Cipher, #46, The Invisible Intruder, and #48, The Crooked Banister. These are very unique!

A lot of these have inside pre-text listings of Nancy Drew® volumes to #43, The Mystery of the 99 Steps, so I would say that these volumes would be circa 1966--unless these were outdated lists that the publishers were using.

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